Is it true that cell phones spend more battery?

We have long heard that 5G networks will come to revolutionize technology although unfortunately this has not yet happened.

The benefits of 5G are not few in theory. Faster downloading and uploading of data, a more stable and secure connection and better connectivity and coverage.

However, 5G will not only bring improvements to smartphones, but also some other disadvantages. 5G compatible mobile phones are not only more expensive than their 4G counterparts, they also consume more battery power. And this can be a big problem for more than one user considering the current battery situation.

Do 5G phones consume more battery?

Is it true that cell phones spend more battery?

Using 5G networks reduces the battery life of your smartphone.

One of the most important aspects when buying a new smartphone is the battery problem. Although there are not a few users who always look at the processor, the screen and even the photographic section, we do not deny that a good battery is essential.

So, if today's phone with 4G connectivity lasts for a day of heavy use, e if it had 5G compatibility? Well, it would actually have less autonomy.

As we read on Ars Technica, Verizon, one of the leading telemarketers in the United States, has recommended to all users of 5G smartphones to disable this technology in case of autonomy problems.

The tweet now clears, it reads something like this: “Do you notice that your smartphone battery drains faster than normal? One way to preserve the autonomy of your mobile device is to activate LTE "

But Verizon isn't the only company warning about 5G issues, but also two of the most important manufacturers in the world such as Huawei and Samsung. In the case of South Koreans, you just need to go to their official website to find the following:

Smartphones maintain a connection to 3G, LTE and 5G networks so that calls, text messages and data are delivered correctly. Since the smartphone is connected to multiple networks at the same time, the battery drains faster than expected and the phone gets hotter than when powered only by 3G or LTE.

And if you're still not sure, let's see what the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers says on this topic.

Unlike 4G chips, The processors that power 5G smartphones consume lithium batteries incredibly. Early experiments indicate that next-generation smartphones are continuously switching from 3G to 4G, then to Wi-Fi and then to 5G.

Current smartphones need to maintain a connection to multiple networks for them to function properly, which contributes to the noticeable decrease of the battery.

How can I solve this problem?

Is it true that cell phones spend more battery?

If you want more battery, don't use 5G networks

Today it is difficult. In case a user does not want their battery to run out due to 5G, it is better not to buy a smartphone with these characteristics. You not only save a few euros or dollars, but also headaches with the question of autonomy.

The other alternative is to wait. Until the technology improves and 5G advances in features, the only option for 5G smartphone users to save battery is to disable 5G connectivity.

While it may seem like a fairly drastic measure, the truth is that 5G contributes little today. As we said in our review and experience with a 5G phone:

The power consumption is brutal, a quiet morning in the office, with 15 minutes of screen to check notifications and 6 hours on standby, the terminal consumes about 40 percent of battery in 5G. Obviously in this situation my decision was to disable 5G connectivity and activate it on demand when I need it to play or download content from the Internet.

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