Is using WhatsApp Web without QR Code possible?

Is using WhatsApp Web without QR Code possible?

Web WhatsApp it is undoubtedly a success because for those of us who work in front of the PC and don't know the mobile phone very well, it is an excellent tool not to lose concentration, apart from that we can install WhatsApp for tablets without needing a SIM, thus saving the battery. The only problem that arises is that we will need our mobile to scan the QR code, so it is normal for you to wonder… can you use WhatsApp Web without a QR code? .

How do I access WhatsApp Web?

Entering this platform is very simple, we just have to use a computer with an Internet connection, a browser and of course… yours cellular. Then we will enter the official page:


This is where they will indicate the steps that we must follow next:

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Touch the 3 dots at the top right and enter Web WhatsApp.
  3. Finally we will have to scan the code that appears and voilà.. we will be inside.
Download WhatsApp without QR code.

The point is, you may need to use WhatsApp Web without code scan or why yours camera doesn't work well or just because you don't trust to scan QR codes (which is completely normal). Therefore, you may be wondering… can you download WhatsApp Web without a QR code? . First of all, consider the importance of a QR code.

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What is a QR code and what is it for?

QR comes from the acronym "Quick Response" o «Quick Response Code», one could say that it is the evolution of the barcode. It is a system capable of storing information in a matrix of dots readable with a camera. Web WhatsApp use this system to prove that you are the cell phone owner and what do you have physical access to it.

Can You Use WhatsApp Web Without QR Code?

The answer is DO NOT, I've seen many videos and articles on YouTube talking about tricks to open whatsapp web without camera but the truth is that it's all lies and tricks to get visitors. Don't be fooled, since using the QR on WhatsApp Web is a security measure in order to verify the account and to be able to use it on a PC.

You already know that's not possible have WhatsApp on your PC without a QR code that you do not deceive yourself. If the article was interesting for you, do not hesitate to share it with your social networks, please… this helps me a lot… thanks!.

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