Join Facebook for the first time

Join Facebook for the first time

Today register on Facebook it is something really important and valuable to be duly informed, connected to the world and, of course, to be updated with our people or with people we love or have some appreciation for. For this reason, here at Practical Resources we will help you concretely by explaining in this article how to tutorial, how you can open a new account in italian without getting lost, step by step And best of all, absolutely free and easy to use. Do you for the first time, are you ready? Sit down and let's get started.

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Join Facebook for the first time | Step 1

Let's get to work and from the beginning… The first thing you need to do is necessarily access or enter the cover or home page of the official Facebook site and to do that there are 2 ways or ways that I explain to you clearly below (choose of course, the one that suits them best or that makes things easier for them).

  • Log into Facebook using your browser: they must open the browser they use (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari or other) then go to the browser they use (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex or other) and write the search box precisely, the word which identifies this social network and which is » Facebook » then, click on the button » Submit » of the keyboard and with it, the results will appear and therefore here, they will have to click on the correct result, which is usually the first one and is identified by its web address and they will give the respective click to that result and with it the Facebook cover page will load..
Way to search Facebook in search engine and then enter.
  • Enter Facebook using the URL: in this other option, they must write correctly in the address bar of the browser they use precisely, the Facebook web address and which is «», then, they will click on » Submit » of the keyboard and with this action the cover of the Facebook site will be loaded. Of course, this is a more direct and faster way to log in, but yes, you have to write your web address correctly.
Facebook URL to directly access the cover of this social network.

Join Facebook for the first time | Step 2

Now, once on the cover or on the home page of the official Facebook site, you will be able to see a form with boxes in which you have to enter what is asked of you, namely the following things:

Example of how to fill in the registration form on Facebook.
  • Name: in this box you basically have to enter your name.
  • Last name: in this other box you must write your first surname.
  • Mobile number or email: here you can choose to enter your mobile number or any email you have and without making mistakes, this information will be very useful in case of access or communication problems with this service.
  • Confirm your mobile number or email: here, here they have to copy and exactly the same, the mobile number or e-mail they entered in the previous box, not another.
  • New Password: Must create and enter a password or key that will be associated with their Facebook profile or account. This password must consist of at least 6 characters including uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and punctuation marks. It is recommended that this password is not easy to find out by third parties and that they can remember it (just in case, they can copy it somewhere as a memory medium >
  • Birthday: here, they will have to click on the day and from the drop-down window that appears, select the day of their birth with another click and then, by clicking on them, they will do the same with the month and year and then, another click on the month and year of birth from the drop-down windows that appear.
  • Gender: further down you will find a circle before Woman and another circle before Man and then, you have to cross out or click mark the circle before your own gender.

Finally, when they have filled in this form correctly or with the requested information, they will click on the green button that says «Open an account» or sometimes he says «Create account» and which can be seen a little further down the form for register on Facebook which they have just compiled and which is graphically, by the way, in the attached image.

Join Facebook for the first time | Step 3

With the previous action done correctly, a new page will open consisting of three » micro steps » which I will detail and explain below so that they can be done correctly.

find your friends

In this first micro step they have the ability to find friends, relatives or close relatives they have and then immediately send friend requests so that they are approved by them and are in their contact network as soon as possible. Well, to do this, you can enter your email account in the mailbox and then click on the button » look for friends » and with that a window will open where you will be asked to enter the password for that email to track the supposed contacts they have in it and they can send friend requests and they can do it if they have a Hotmail email account, Yahoo or whatever.

Step 1: Find your friends on Facebook.

* Attached note no. 1 | By the way, you can skip it by simply clicking on the text that says » Skip this step » and is at the bottom right. Sometimes it's better to enter anonymously, protecting your privacy and establishing links in the future as sometimes using this option requests can be sent to people who are not really requested as friends on Facebook or, quite rightly, you are not. i want to have them as friends.

Complete information

In this other micro step, it is necessary to fill in a small form consisting of 5 pieces of information, which are as follows:

Step 2: Complete your Facebook information.
  • Current city: Here they will enter the city where they currently live or reside.
  • City of origin: they will have to write the city where they were born or their origins. Sometimes it is the same as the current one, other times it is not.
  • high School – They will be able to write the name of the high school they attended.
  • University: in case they study or have studied at the university, they can write the name of that university.
  • Employer/company: they can write where they are employed (trade or profession) or the company where they work.

When they have the information they wanted to enter optionally ready, they can then use a very useful and interesting resource related to the privacy of this information and that is by clicking on » the triangle icons » so that, small drop-down windows open in each of the options with the alternatives of Public, Friends, Only me e custom so that, with one click, they can select their preferences from the start and then determine what information they can show and what not. Finally, when they have configured all this, they will click on the «NEXT» at the bottom right to go to the next step.

* Attached note no. 2 | In fact, this phase just described can also be skipped by simply clicking on the text that says Skip and which is displayed in the lower right corner.

Add profile picture

In this last "micro step" you have the possibility to add a photo that represents you to your Facebook profile or account that you are creating for the first time and to do so you can choose by clicking on the green button that says «Upload a photo» and search for one on the computer you are using, or click «Take a photo» and then take a picture with the help of the webcam. By the way, the photo you upload can be changed or deleted in the future, it's not something permanent.

Step 3: Add your profile picture on Facebook.

* Attached note no. 3 | As with the other micro-steps, you can skip this step by clicking the text that says Skip and is, at the bottom right. Sometimes, it is better to postpone this and do it later with more time so that you can choose and upload a photo that you like and that represents you decently or in a better way.

Join Facebook for the first time | Step 4

Having done the previous step, a new page will load on their screens asking them to confirm their Facebook profile which they have created by clicking on the button which says » Confirm your account » and with this action performed, the process begins. account confirmation process which has 2 paths: one for those who have entered an email in the registration form to confirm by email and for those who have entered a mobile phone number in the registration form to confirm with the mobile, exactly as we have explained, both below.

How to confirm your account.
  • Confirmation of Facebook account by email: if you have entered an email in the registration form, in this step, by clicking on «Confirm your account» they will have sent you a message to your email and therefore, you will have to go to your email, check your mailbox, open the message and click on a button that says something like » Confirm your account «, they will be asked to enter a code. Well, that code they ask for appears attached to that message sent to them by Facebook and they have to enter it here to verify or check their account and with that you will finish the whole process.

* Attached note no. 4 | It should be noted that in some cases this Facebook message may not appear in your inbox and goes directly to your spam or spam folder as it is known and that is why, if you don't see it in your inbox Check in that folder.

  • Confirmation of Facebook account via mobile: in case they have entered their mobile phone number in the registration form, when you click on «Confirm your account» they will have sent them a text message that you must open since it contains a code that you will have to copy exactly on the Facebook page that has been opened and where they are asked for said code, they copy it and confirm their account, that's all.

Finally, this is the process of registering and having a Facebook account enabled to interact and relate online. True, that is somewhat extensive but with these steps you shouldn't have any problem making your Facebook profile, now to live your online life. By the way, any question or question can be asked in the comments and I will try to help you.

link: social network Facebook

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