Join Twitter for the first time

Join Twitter for the first time

If you are one of the people who wants register on Twitter for the first time but you don't know how to do it or you get lost in the process or step by step that must be done to be a Twitter user … Then -look no further-, since in Practical Resources we create a totally free tutorial guide for you (those interested) and then you can create a Twitter account in Italian quickly and easily so that this way you don't lose the way or die trying to do it Next, we leave you the procedure so that you can register on twitter step by step correctly, let's act!

* By the way, you will need it later: how to find friends on Twitter and then follow them… >>

Join Twitter for the first time | Step 1

Well, the first thing you should do is access or enter the home page of this social network and to do this you basically have 2 paths (choose the one that suits you or that you like best):

  • Enter Twitter using a browser: they will have to open the browser they use (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc.) and after doing so, they will go to the browser they usually use (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc.) and enter in the search box in a precise way, the name that identifies this social network and that is «Twitter» then click on «Submit» so that the search engine displays the results. So now they will click on the correct result identified by this URL and which is usually found in the first result of searches.
  • Enter Twitter with URL: they must correctly write the URL or web address of this social network in the address bar of the browser they use ie, then click on «Submit» and in this way, it will directly access the cover or the Twitter home page.

Join Twitter for the first time | Step 2

Now, once on the cover or home page of the social network Twitter you will be able to see in the central part something on the right (if you are on a desktop computer) 2 modules: the one above is the login form for registered users and the one Below, is for the people they want create a Twitter account for the first time and that is the one that will be completed with the following information they require:

  • Full name: you will need to enter your full name (name and surname).
  • E-mail: Completely enter your email.
  • Password: you must create and insert in this box in a precise way, a key or password that you can remember (you can write it on a sheet) and that is not easy to discover even by third parties. You can use to do this: uppercase, lowercase, numbers and keyboard signs.

After filling out this small form correctly for register on Twitter for the first time, they will then proceed to click the yellow button that says «Sign up for Twitter«.

Join Twitter for the first time | Step 3

With the previous click, a new page will be loaded where it will be possible to modify - if it is deemed convenient - both the name, the email and the password entered in the previous step and in any case, if there is incorrect or incomplete data, Twitter will inform so that they fix it and can register well. Well, if they are satisfied with the data entered and do not need to modify anything or, they have already modified them and have everything ready then, all that remains is to click on the button that says «Sign Up«.

Join Twitter for the first time | Step 4

So now a new twitter page has opened where they will tell you to enter your mobile number correctly and to do so check first if the default country that appears is correct or you will have to change it by clicking on the icon of the triangle and then -in the box below-, you will enter your mobile number completely and correctly and finally, you will click on the button that says » NEXT «.

* Note no. 1 | The phone number is basically required for account verification issues and as a viable option for users to recover a Twitter account in case of an inconvenience. Now, this step is not an obligation to complete and can be skipped without any problem, by clicking on the text that says «Salta» and that is just below the button that says » Next «.

Join Twitter for the first time | Step #5

Perfect, now on the open page they are invited to create and enter their Twitter account username, which will obviously be the name by which they will make themselves known on this social network, think of something they like or please and they are helped to do so, with some suggestions of names that Twitter gives them that they can use, by clicking on the one they like and finally, when they have entered a name, they will click on the button that says «NEXT«.

* Note no. 2 | Sometimes it's not easy to choose a name and for that, don't worry too much over time, they can -if they want- change it to something more in line with the name they want to have on Twitter and by the way, this stage of creating the name they can skip by clicking on the text that says «Salta» and which is located under the button that says » Next «.

Join Twitter for the first time | Step #6

They almost already have an account on Twitter… With the previous step, a new page will load where they are welcomed and where they are urged to continue and tell what they love, by clicking on the button that says » Let's go! 🇧🇷 «.

A new page will load, asking «What interests you? » and you can click on the options that interest you and that with it appear under the question, they will become blue and on the other hand, if you wish, you can make your answer more complete by searching for topics by writing in the box that appears in the option where it says Are you looking for even more? Some more specific taste or interest that really excites them. Finally, when they've answered this, they'll click the button that says » Continue«.

In the new page you will be able to find contacts, friends or friends with the possibility of being able to follow them by importing exactly the contacts of your Gmail or Hotmail/Outlook mail account that they have and to do so, just click on the mail icon and then, click on the button that says «Import contacts from Gmail/Outlook (the email they chose)» and thus start the contact tracing process. Now, in case you want to skip this step, click on the text that says » No thanks» and located below the button to import contacts.

In this new phase they give you the possibility, from now on, to follow some people or brands that you might like based on the preferences chosen in a previous phase. So here you can scroll through the suggested list, uncheck the ones that don't interest you (you can uncheck them all) and also you can search for someone in particular by typing their name or account name in the box that says «Search to add someone in particular» and follow him. When they have everything ready, they click the button that says «Follow Account No. and continue» or, if you haven't followed anyone, a text will appear saying «Continue«.

Here you are!! Finally, you have a profile or account on Twitter and a small central window will appear where you are welcomed and invited to follow a 4-step timeline on your account by clicking on «NEXT» or you can click to jump into the text that says «Skip everything«.

Finally and after doing everything, a message has been sent to your email account to confirm your account and have access to all functions and therefore, you must go to your email, review the message and confirm the Twitter account to use it .. Well, that's the whole thing procedure to be able to register correctly on Twitter for the first time and once you do, you will be able to use your Twitter account or profile.

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