Learn how to create and use the Extract function in Excel. What is it for?

Excel is a very useful tool, which is why learning through the tutorials on our website could be convenient for anyone who wants facilitate organization and the processing of give.

In fact, to master this office software you need to master basic knowledge such as counting or adding the number of cells with color in Excel, they could also help with organizing our documents

What is Excel's Extract function for?

Excel's extract function is Useful to extract characters from a specific text string. To achieve this, users must provide the number of characters required for the extraction, thus establishing both the beginning and the end.

In short, the function Extract to Excel is designed to display information in a summarized and concise manner. For example, if you have content with the word Goals in the string, using the Extract function, you can represent that information in abbreviated form elsewhere in the document.

Learn how to create and use the Extract function in Excel. What is it for?

Using the excerpt with the previous example, you could narrow down the word Aims, choosing only information that is in specific locations. You could then determine that you only want information from positions 1 to 3, leaving the result with the word Obj. For this reason we point out that the tool is very useful for shortening or reducing content.

As you can see, the Extract function plays a fundamental role, on the other hand using the Excel "Add" function would be the opposite of the action mentioned above, but as you can imagine, the latter is also very useful.

Learn how to create and use the Extract function in Excel

Extra is a basic function of Microsoft Excel, so applying it in our documents is very simple. For this you have to follow a series of steps, after which you can use this option in your tables and documents.

Part one

  • The first step is to determine which table you want to extract content from. Next, create a new chain, which is the one in which the information extracted with the function will be reflected.
  •  Place the cursor on the target string (where the extraction will reflect) and go to the section Formulas. Inside the formulas you will find the Texts tab, click on that option.
  • In Texts, look for the Extract option, after clicking on the function a new window will appear, which is the one you will configure to see the information you need. This window shows three options Text, departure_at e Num_chars.
  • In Text it is necessary to select the chain from which information is to be extracted, then indicate the beginning of the chain. After selecting the chain, it will be reflected in the option.

Part Two

  • In Initial position, the first position to display in the chain created for the Extract function is set. The usual thing is that 1 is selected (but you can select any starting point, depending on your need), which in other words means it will start extracting from the first word or number of the text.
  • In Number of characters precisely the number of characters that will be reflected in the string is determined. Here it depends solely on what you want to show on the screen, it can be 1, 2, 3 or whatever you think is appropriate. In case you want to shorten a long rope, choosing 3 would be best.
  • Upon acceptance, the process will be terminated, showing the information of the first point of the established chain.
  • If you want to show the whole chain, you just need to drag from the starting point of the Extract chain to the last position. Subsequently, the automatic filling will take care of displaying the rest of the selected table.

Learn how to create and use the Extract function in Excel. What is it for?

This is the easiest way to learn how to create and use the Extract function in any Excel document. With practice and a little ingenuity you will learn to master all the possibilities offered by this interesting feature. Likewise, we recommend that you learn how to add or insert a legend into an Excel chart, which will help make your table easier to understand.

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