Log in to Instagram from your PC or computer

Log in to Instagram from your PC or computer

For some time now, Instagram has been positioned as one of the most popular social networks and applications on mobile devices and used by many users who seek to share the good moments of life here. However, many people were unable or unwilling to log into Instagram as they are more frequent computer users and in addition to that, Instagram has been reluctant to develop a nice interface to be able to access Instagram from the web or from the web browser. Google. Well, in Practical Resources we want to encourage you to access Instagram from your PC or computer with this tutorial in which we will explain how to log in or access Instagram and log in with or without Facebook, and also, everything you can do to use Instagram from your computer.

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Enter Instagram from PC or Computer | Step 1: Log in to the Instagram web

First, they must access the official Instagram web cover or home page and for this they basically have two options that they will be able to use from now on, as often as they want and when they deem it convenient to enter Instagram from the web and which are the following:

  • Sign in to Instagram with Google

In this option, they have to open the browser they use (Chrome, Firefox, Safari or other) and simply go to the Google search engine or the one they use (Bing, Yahoo, duckduckgo or other) and write in the search box, the name that identifies this social network and application, namely «Instagram» and after that, they click on the «Submit» as requested so that the results are loaded and then they will click on the result It is correct that, in general, it is the first that appears and is identified by its URL » https://www.instagram.com/?hl=es » and -with that-, you will be able to access Instagram from Google.

  • Enter Instagram with URL

In this option, they will have to open the browser they usually use and write clearly and correctly the Instagram URL, which is precisely www.instagram.com, in the address bar of said browser and when they have it ready they will need to click on the button «Submit» on the respective keyboard so that in this way the Instagram cover is loaded and with it they open able to enter the Instagram web in a more direct and faster way.

Note no. 1 | By the way, if for some "strange" reason they have entered Instagram and it is presented in another language that they do not know, they can change it in Instagram to Italian or another language they want and for this they have to lower the right sidebar of the screen a little Scroll down with the mouse so they can see the footer or the footer of the Instagram cover and so they will be able to like the option that says «Language» and they will click on it and with it, a menu with Instagram language options will appear, they will look for the one appropriate to their interest and click on it and Instagram will load in the chosen language.

Enter Instagram from PC or Computer | Log in to Instagram

Once they are on the first page of the Instagram web, all those people who already have an Instagram account can log in and we will explain it below. But first, it is possible to say that those interested in registering on Instagram will have the possibility to do so from this Instagram cover or home page and for this we leave you: this guide to registering on Instagram using the PC …>>

  • Log in to Instagram with Facebook

This option will be useful for people who already have an Instagram account with Facebook and who just want to log in, as well as those who want to register on Instagram using this alternative. In the case of this tutorial, we are explaining to you how to access Instagram with this method and to do it, you must click on the blue button, which says «Accedi con Facebook» and which is located at the top right in the center (see attached image).

Then, a Facebook page will load where they are asked to enter their Facebook account email or phone and password in their respective boxes and after that, they will click on the «Log in» and with it, they'll be directed to their Instagram timeline and effectively, they'll be able to log into Instagram with Facebook.

  • Login to Instagram with password

This other option will allow all those people who have used the classic registration form when creating the account to access Instagram. Then, on the Instagram cover, they have to click on the link text that says «Log in»Or«Log in» and which they can find, just below the registration form (see attached image).

Well, with the previous action, new information on the Instagram page will open and you will be able to see in the central right part of it, a box in which certain data are requested to access Instagram. Then, in the first box they will be able to enter the phone, username or email associated with their Instagram account and then -in the second box-, they will enter the password of their Instagram account and finally they will click on the blue button, which says «Log in«.

With the previous click, they could access the Instagram web perfectly and will be in the timeline of their Instagram account. Now they will be able to simply use the Instagram service in its web version.

Enter Instagram from PC or Computer | Use and functions Instagram web

Certainly and as we had already said in the article, Instagram was designed to be used preferably from a smart mobile device therefore -if you have one-, you can choose to download the Application from the App Store or from App Play depending on the your mobile device. However, Instagram can be used from the PC without any problem, but yes, with limited functions or restrictions that we will describe in detail.

  • You can like and comment on photos of other Instagram users without any problems.
  • You can edit your personal Instagram profile (photo and description) without any inconvenience.
  • Unable to upload photos or videos from Instagram web. Well, for this they have to resort to an external service (emulator) or implement or use the browser in a mobile version.
  • They will not receive notifications of other users' actions on their photos, comments, etc.

Finally, it must be said that when they finish using the Instagram web they will go to their profile (see image, arrow 1) and click on the gear (see image, arrow 2) with it, a central window will open and they will have to click , on "close session» (see image, arrow 3) and that's it.

Basically, this is how they have to get into Instagram from PC or computer or, said, get into Instagram web with Facebook or login data. Of course, it is a timely option when required or when you prefer to use Instagram from a computer.

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