Log into Instagram from my PC

Log into Instagram from my PC

Hmm… If you're wondering, how to sign up for instagram from my pc or computer? Then, you should look no further as you have come to the right place. Well, in Practical Resources, we have prepared a step-by-step guide so that all interested people can register on Instagram from a computer without programs, in Italian and absolutely free since this is possible and with it they can enter and use this social network from a PC and without having to resort to a mobile phone. So, without further ado, we leave you with the guide to registering on Instagram from your PC or computer.

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Register on Instagram from my PC or computer | Step no. 1: Log in to the Instagram web

We will give the explanation of the registration process on Instagram from scratch so that no one is lost or left with the desire to create an Instagram account from the computer… First, you need to access the cover or home page of the official Instagram site from the browser from the PC or the computer they have and for this they basically have two options that will allow them from now on to access Instagram from the computer and which are as follows.

  • Log into Instagram using the search engine: in this case, they must write in the search box of the search engine they use (Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Yandex, etc.) the name that identifies this social network and the application for uploading photos and videos, namely " Instagram » and then click on “ Submit »Or“ Search » so that the results are loaded and the correct result can be clicked, which is usually in the first position and is identified by name and URL so that they can enter Instagram.

  • Enter Instagram using the URL: in this other case, they must write the Instagram URL correctly and completely in the address bar of the browser they use (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.) namely « www.instagram. with» after which, click on “ Log in »Or“ Plan your trip » respectively so that the cover or Instagram will load and then go directly to the Instagram website.

Register on Instagram from my PC or computer | Step no. 2: Fill out the form

With the previous action done, they will open the Instagram cover and then, they will be able to see a box in the central right part (if they are, on a desktop computer) with a form and which they must complete with the following data.

Mobile number or email: Here you have the option to enter your mobile phone number or, if you wish, any email you have.

Full name: Here, enter your real name.

Username: they must create and insert in this box a username that will identify them and they will be known on Instagram (think about it).

Password: They must create and enter a password that they can remember and that is difficult for third parties to discover.

Finally, when they have filled in all the fields or boxes of this form, they will click on the «Sign Up«.

Register on Instagram from my PC or computer | Step 3: Add your profile picture

In the new Instagram page that appears, you are told to add a photo to your Instagram profile and to do so, you will simply have to click on the button that says «add a photo» or, if you wish, you can skip this step of Add a profile photo by clicking on the text that says «Salta» under the button that says «add a photo«.

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The classic window will open «Upload file» where you can search for a photo on your computer that can best represent you as a profile photo, when you find it click on it to select it and then click on the » Button apri » in the window «Upload file» so that this photo will be uploaded as your profile photo on Instagram.

Register on Instagram from my PC or computer | Step 3: Connect with Facebook

Now, in the new page that has been loaded you have the possibility to connect your Instagram with Facebook and thus find friends who have Instagram to be able to follow them and who can follow them and for this you just have to click on the button which says «Connect with Facebook» and of course this step can also be skipped and to do so, they have to click on the text that says «Salta» and which is under the button that says «Connect with Facebook«.

With this a new page will be loaded which will allow them to access Facebook and for this they will have to enter the e-mail or mobile phone of their Facebook account in the first box and the respective password of their Facebook in the second box and then, click on the button " Log in » and with it, the system will check who of your contacts has Instagram so that they can follow them from now on.

Register on Instagram from my PC or computer | Step 4: Welcome and follow users

If things went well then, voila! They have already been able to register on Instagram from their PC or computer. Now, on the page that has loaded, they welcome you to Instagram and encourage or suggest something below, and optionally follow some prominent Instagram users with one click, on buttons that say «Follow«.

Note no. 1 | Something curious to comment… Is that if you skipped and skipped the step of connecting Instagram to Facebook but magically added the same email associated with your Facebook account, the featured users who suggest you follow are the same ones who follow on Facebook anyway .

Register on Instagram from my PC or computer | Step no. 5: Confirm email or phone

The last step, and not the least, is to confirm the email or mobile number associated with your Instagram account. Well then, if they have added an email, they need to enter it, open said Instagram message and click on the button that says «Confirm your email address» or, if they have chosen a mobile number in At some point in the procedure, they will be sent a code which they will have to enter to confirm the telephone number.

Well, by clicking on «Confirm your email address«, a new Instagram page will open where they thank you and notify you that they have successfully confirmed your email.

Finally, this is the whole procedure of how to register on Instagram from my PC or computer for free and without any programs involved. Now, it is necessary to say what can be done and what cannot be done using Instagram from the PC and what the following things are basically:

  • You can like and comment on the photos.
  • You can edit your profile.
  • They can follow as many users as they want.
  • Cannot upload photos or videos. To do this, it is necessary to install the Application (App Store or App Play) on a mobile phone and thus be able to share photos and videos of special moments.

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