Meaning of 7w7 and UwU in WhatsApp, Facebook and other social networks

You have to keep in mind that emoticons are the combination of a set of characters that represent some kind of human emotion, such as a smiley face. These emoticons are born from the combination of words emotion and icon.

What does 7w7 mean on social media?

The particular expression 7w7 è an emoticon generally used in WhatsApp, Facebook and other social networks in the communication field. To add a spark of humor to images or complete any communication exchange over the web, both in conversations and in forums. You can also add emojis in WhatsApp contact names.

As you know, emoticons are generally used a lot with any tool that allows interaction between two people via text, such as in WhatsApp states. Hence the convenience of being able to use the characters present on any keyboard, as in the case of 7w7. Since then, there are also some programs that allow you to create your own emoticons.

Now, for the specific case of 7w7 there are different meanings depending on the point of view of those who use it in different social networks.

Meaning of 7w7 and UwU in WhatsApp, Facebook and other social networks

Next, we will introduce you to the meanings more amazing and popular than 7w7 currently considered.

  • For the younger ones it represents a sad face, where the numbers "7" have the task of acting as eyes. The horizontal line constitutes the closed eyes and the vertical line the falling tears. For its part, the "u" behaves like a mouth in a sad position.
  • For others Older people, 7w7 has nothing to do with a sad face. In fact, it has a completely different meaning, using it as an emoticon with suggestive meanings.
  • In this case, the numbers "7" act as the eyes of the emoticon, both looking in one direction maliciously. While the "w" behaves like an open mouth or tongue, in a suggestive or bold expression.

What does UwU mean on social media?

We are absolutely sure that you have seen the UwU emoticon on any of the social networks that exist today.

The origin of UwU is Japanese, where most Asian people have more graphic thinking due to their alphabet. Its use is also very otaku, that is, a lot of fans of Japanese culture, which generally represents happiness.

However, the meaning of emoticons is very diverse, for this reason here we will mention the most popular meanings of Uwu:

  • UwU is a replicated expression of manga and anime, where in some cases the connotation of a small face is given.

Meaning of 7w7 and UwU in WhatsApp, Facebook and other social networks

  • Also, UwU could represent how you feel when something gives you too much tenderness or an overwhelming sense of happiness. Consequently, it also represents a reaction to something very beautiful, moving or surprising.
  • It will also depend on the context in which it is inserted, that is, if someone comments on you with a UwU it could mean that they are flirting with you, especially if they are in WhatsApp or Facebook photos.
  • Some people through the same social networks also warn that UwU can mean that you accept a flirt, so take your precautions.

In conclusion, communications do not stop today. Even in an age where users can count on one wide range of emoticons with various meanings and even animations on any social network. However, if not all emoticons are showing, you can add and use hidden emojis on your Android and iOS mobile.

Consequently, the human being insists on being authentic and emphatic by developing a completely different language that represents facial gestures using letters and numbers.

The really cool thing about the meaning of 7w7 and UwU on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social networks is that their meanings are attributed depending on the occasion or topic of the conversation. That is, it could mean something to one person and to another have a completely different meaning.

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