My volume goes down when I speak on Skype - Solution

A little further down we will see a fairly simple but effective tutorial to prevent that when I speak on Skype the volume is turned down. In this way all programs will have the same priority in terms of sound volume and it will be you who will have to lower or raise the volume of what it does in order to hear more or less the interlocutor with whom you are having the conversation.

Likewise, as we will recommend a little below, if this happens during the game. The best thing is that you change the application and use TeamSpeak or Discord to be able to communicate more fluently and easily with your friends. Also, in the case of Discord, you consume less internet connection and resources on your computer.

My volume goes down when I speak on Skype - Solution

When you talk on Skype the volume is turned down

When we start a Skype call the volume of other programs is automatically lowered, reduced. This is completely normal for communication to be as good as possible. Even if sometimes it's not something we like at all.

How can we do to avoid it? All you have to do is follow this little tutorial and quickly you will be able to prevent the volume of whatever you are doing at that moment from dropping when you are talking on Skype.

  • The first thing we need to do is enter the control panel. This is why you go to " Start »In the lower left part of Windows.
  • A menu appears where you must type » Control Panel »And press enter.
  • Then, look for the "Sound" option. If you have problems finding the option in " Control Panel »Configure to see large icons instead of categories, you can do it from the top right corner of the screen in» View by: «
  • Once inserted " Sound »A new window will open and we will go to the tab» Communication «, Which would be the last on the right.
  • What you have to do among the four selectable options is to choose the last one " Do nothing ". Then we will do " Apply " and then " OK «.

My volume goes down when I speak on Skype - Solution

How to prevent the volume from dropping when talking on Skype

When we do this when we receive a Skype call, the volume of the applications we are using or the video game we are enjoying it will not be affected by the call.

Likewise, in case you are suffering from this problem with a game, instead of using Skype to keep communication with your friends. We recommend switching to Discord, which is more prepared for maintaining smooth communication with other people while enjoying a video game.

For those who play online, Discord is infinitely better as it maintains flawless audio quality, but at the same time it doesn't consume too much internet connection, so it would be ideal to have less latency or lag in your games.

In Miracomosehace we have already talked about Discord and all the advantages it has for players on several occasions. Give it a try and you'll quickly leave Skype.

We hope you have any questions on Skype to turn down the volume when I speak is resolved and you can continue using the app without any kind of problem. Likewise, if you are still having problems or we have not been able to fix it, you can leave us a comment a little below and we will try to help you.

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