Now you can download iPhone 12 wallpapers

The new iPhone 12 I am here. And yours too backgrounds.

You might not buy one of Apple's new phones, but that doesn't mean you don't want to use their wallpapers on your current device. And for this very reason, today we bring them to you so that you can download them totally for free.

Wallpapers of iPhone 12, downloadable to any mobile on

Now you can download iPhone 12 wallpapers

The official wallpapers for iPhone 12.

The funds have been pulled from the people of 9to5Mac and it is possible download them on any mobile at the maximum resolution and size, so they look great on any relatively modern device.

The collection consists of a total of ten backgrounds, with light and dark styles.

In addition to these images, the new iPhone 12 also includes new ones animated wallpaper. However, these funds could not be extracted and remain exclusively - for now - for those who decide to buy one of the new Apple terminals.

Next, we give you a link to the Google Drive folder from which you can download all wallpapers.

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