On which platform did you create my website? - The best platforms to create blogs

Blogs became very popular many years ago due to their great potential. That's why a lot of people who are starting out in the blogging world want to know in which platform they created my website and to know the best platforms to create blogs.

There are many alternatives when we talk about platforms free to create blogs. Fortunately, many of them are extremely attractive. Some even allow you to generate revenue with your website or blog.

Personally, of all those we are going to see in the following list. The most recommended for its great freedom, trust and above all because it is totally free is Blogger. Since having a blog here you won't have to pay for hosting, you can use your own domain and earn with Adsense.

But the options are varied and perhaps you are looking for something more, something different that meets your needs. That is why we will look at different platforms to create blogs.

On which platform did you create my website? - The best platforms to create blogs

The best platforms to create my blog


It is perhaps one of the most popular for several years. He is known by the vast majority of people who are dedicated to the world of blogging. You can use WordPress and pay absolutely nothing (in terms of hosting) or you can use WordPress.org and install the prefab on your hosting which gives you a lot of freedom for a wide variety of things.

WordPress itself is one of the best content managers. It is perfectly optimized for search engines and above all it is too easy to use, as well as protecting your website from malware, viruses and malicious codes. The free version in case you want to use WordPress.com offers you 3GB of storage, themes and plugins. Obviously, if you want to expand all this, you can access more options by paying.


La platform of Google it is one of the most popular for its ease of doing anything. Also, in this platform everything is free and you can make a lot of changes that you couldn't do in WordPress.com. It is a bit more complicated to modify certain things especially if they are related to SEO, but it is worth it.

The only bad thing is that it doesn't allow you to use yours hosting. So if you decide to switch to a private server, you will need to import everything into WordPress. Which depending on your level of knowledge can be a big headache. However, Blogger gives you the opportunity to make money with your blog by placing Adsense ads, which is not possible on WordPress.com.

On which platform did you create my website? - The best platforms to create blogs

Platforms to create my website


One of the best options for create and edit a free blog in an extremely fast and above all intuitive way. It is even easier to use than the previous two proposals. Although we have to mention that it has some restrictions.

You can check your SEO the easy way, has more than 500 free designs and images that you can use anywhere on your website. In turn, it has plugins for forms, surveys, etc. It is an option mostly recommended for those people who want a professional website for their business or service.


He is an old acquaintance, a microblogging platform. What you should keep in mind is that it is not similar to the previous ones. In this case it's more like sharing little things like it's a Twitter. With basic functions compared to the previous proposals in this list.


You can create a blog quite simple, with a few options. The idea of ​​Overblog is to offer the possibility of create a blog for people starting out in this world. Also, it has a blog directory for promotional purposes, but it's not just there.

Since it also has several tops and one large community in so that everyone knows about your blog. You can access this service for free to publish whatever you want, it also has unlimited storage space.

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