Paint for Whatsapp How to send drawings via Whatsapp

Paint for Whatsapp How to send drawings via Whatsapp

Sending drawings via WhatsApp is a feature that has recently been implemented by the most used messaging client of all time. But the truth is that using it is somewhat tedious and worth using external apps per send drawings via whatsapp. And the fact is that today's application fulfills its task perfectly, takes up little space and is an ideal complement to complement it with our preferred messaging service. And it is that paint for whatsapp it will be an application that will be talked about without a doubt.



Paint for whatsapp android



The functions of Paint per WhatsApp Android are very different, not only will allow us to do drawings to send via WhatsApp, no, we will also be able to write on one screenshot di Google Maps and send the correct path to the recipient.'



Another option is to write and draw on our photographs, giving a little artistic or comical touch when you do draw pictures to send on whatsapp.


How to send drawings via Whatsapp


Send drawings via WhatsApp it's as simple as Scaricare Paint For WhatsApp from the link below:


  • Paint for Whatsapp 2.0 


To see the link you will have to do a social action, just give +1 in Google Plus.


Send drawings via Whatsapp



Once installed paint for whatsapp, a window like this will appear:



  1. Crea drawings to send on whatsapp.
  2. Delete designs.
  3. Behind.
  4. New wallet
  5. Send drawings via WhatsApp



These would be the different functions of Paint for Whatsapp 2.0. So let's see how let's create a freehand drawing with this amazing app.



Once we have created the design we like, click on the icon for send via whatsapp.



We select the person to whom we want send the drawing via WhatsApp.



And voila, now we can create easily drawings to send via WhatsApp.



What do you think about Paint for Whatsapp 2.0?. You can leave me a comment telling me your impressions, you can also support me by sharing this post on the social media of the mobile button you have on the right.

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