Prequel: app to insert professional filters on Instagram

Prequel: app to insert professional filters on Instagram

If you are looking for an app to apply filters professionally on Instagram, then you should try Prequel, a robust and quite complete photo editor that will allow you to transform your images into real works of art to publish on your social networks. It's ideal for those who prefer to tweak their photos a bit before uploading them to their profile.

This tool offers users a large number of filters, effects and functions so you can make all kinds of adjustments to your images immediately and with professional results, just as if it had passed into the hands of a designer.

One of the benefits of Prequel is that this app is available for both iOS and Android, then all you have to do is go to the corresponding app store and you can install it for free.

Main features of Prequel

One of the main tools included in Prequel is the ability to adjust the size of your photos and rotate them. As soon as you have managed to adjust it and place it in the desired position, it will be time to start using all the editing alternatives built into the app.

You will see in the first tab a wide variety of filters that you can use on your photos, you can try to see the results in real time. You can find alternatives for summer, autumn, cinema and grunge, among others.

When you advance to the second tab, you will notice that the app also has an interesting selection of effects to complement the style your photography is already taking on up to this point. By moving this menu you will be able to find all the possible options and in each effect you will be able to choose between the two variants that each one offers.

Finally, in Prequel you also have the option to make exposure, brightness and sharpness adjustmentsas well as color adjustments. All this with the aim of getting the photo you want with a professional result to post on your Instagram.

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