Problem accepting Facebook cookies in CoD Mobile solution

Problem accepting Facebook cookies in CoD Mobile solution

The other day I got ready to take back my recorded game of Cod Mobile that I have connected to my Facebook account, so i had to download the game again. So far so good except that it was impossible to connect my game since I had Problems accepting Facebook cookies in Call Of Duty Mobile. After searching for hours I found a simple solution that I found useful enough to port it to Green Android and then bring it to you so you can play this fun first person shooter without any problems.

What is the problem with accepting Call Of Duty Mobile Facebook cookies?

Well, basically the problem is that when you connect the facebook game from CoD Mobile, the screen will appear cropped and it won't let you accept Facebook's annoying cookie poster, so you won't be able to log in with your account and therefore, your game. Later I will leave you a photo of the problem so that you can put yourself in the situation:

How to fix Facebook cookies login problem in CoD Mobile step by step 2022

Luckily there is an incredibly easy way to fix the problem and automatically accept Facebook browser cookies in CoD Mobile. To do this, it's as simple as installing the official application.

Install the official Facebook app

You can download the official application of this social network directly from the respective application stores via the following links:

  • Android
  • ios

Once installed on the phone, we must:

  1. Log in with our email.
  2. Enter our password.

Fix Facebook permission error 2, -1 in CoD Mobile 2022

Now if we reopen CoD Mobile we will go directly to the user profile of our game since i Facebook cookies were accepted automatically via the app.

Delete the app if you want

Finally, if you're like me and you don't like Mark Zuckerberg's social networking application because it consumes a lot of resources, you can always delete it and you can still access Call Of Duty Mobile without problems with Cookies.

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