Reactivate the Badoo profile

Reactivate the Badoo profile

It is absolutely normal that some people, after deleting an account of a certain social network, want to withdraw and reactivate that account or user profile that has passed one or more days since that irregular decision.

This type of situation often happens to several Badoo users who cancel their account and then, after one or more days for one reason or another, want to be able to reactivate their Badoo profile and unfortunately some of these users don't know it very well how to do it and they die trying… For them and for all those interested in being able to reactivate a Badoo profile, they can read and follow the following text.

Reactivate Badoo Profile | Initial considerations

  • It should be noted that anyone who has successfully deleted or deleted their Badoo account has a period of 30 calendar days in which to recover or reactivate said deleted account. So, out of those 30 days it will be impossible to restore said profile on Badoo as it is automatically deleted from the records of this social network and there are no exceptions to the rule.
  • In the event that the 30 days have passed, they must (if they wish) create a new Badoo account and start from scratch since they will not be able to recover that Badoo profile they had and will certainly waste time trying to restore that old account.
  • It should be said and remembered that every time someone cancels a Badoo account, a message is sent to their email or mobile stating that the Badoo profile has been deleted and also a link is attached to reactivate the account until after 30 days as a deadline. So, that message that Badoo sends shouldn't be deleted and should always be saved up to maximum 30 days to recover the account.
  • If instead the problem is not to do with recovering a previously deleted account and it is a login problem, you can read this previously written article, which definitely points out the ways to recover a Badoo account in different cases, it will help you. .

Once these initial considerations are clarified, I will describe in detail the procedure to recover a deleted Badoo account. I hope you find it useful and practical.

How to reactivate Badoo profile | Step 1

The first step is to access the email with which the Badoo account was created (only, in the case of an email registration) and look in your inbox for that message sent by Badoo that says something like: The Your Badoo profile has been removed

Then, they'll open the message and find a text with a button that says Retrieve your profile and they have to click right there if you want to recover your Badoo account.

Message arriving in the mail from Badoo.

How to reactivate Badoo profile | Step 2

With the previous step, a Badoo page will open with a central window where they greet you again and tell you that to reactivate your Badoo account you will need to enter the characters displayed in the box correctly and in order. So if you wrote them where it says Rewrite here , you will have to click on the button that says Please re-enter.

Here you are! everything's ready, Your Badoo account has been reactivated or reset and now you just have to write in the new page that opens your email and password of your Badoo account and so you can re-enter and use this service to know people, good luck.

Forgot your Badoo password?

There are quite a few Badoo users who, by reactivating their account, have forgotten their password, this being a small problem or an obstacle to the return of this social network.

Well, in the event that you have performed the procedure to reactivate your Badoo account and you do not know or do not remember your login password, you must proceed to reset the password and for this it is sufficient to enter the Badoo home page then, make a click the button that says Connect and which is at the top right (if I'm on a desktop computer).

Now, in the new page that opens, you have to click where it asks you: Did you forget your password?

A central window will open where they tell you to enter your email in the first box and in the second, write the characters that are displayed correctly and ordered last, click on Get new password and a message with instructions will be sent to your email.

So now they will have to go into their email, look for the message from Badoo and click on the link which will take them to a Badoo page where they will have to enter their new Badoo password and approve it so they can finally access their reactivated account with a new password and thus be able to interact with new people in this social network.

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