Recover WhatsApp messages up to 1 year without backup

Recover WhatsApp messages up to 1 year without backup

WhatsApp it is the most used messaging platform in the world and has become a vital part of many people's lives. From private messages to group chats to face-to-face video calls, WhatsApp helps us stay in touch with family, friends or colleagues.

This means that a lot of important data and messages are saved on WhatsApp and it can be a serious problem if old chats are lost. In this article, we will explain how to recover old WhatsApp messages from 1 year ago without backup. We will give all the details for recover these old messages and some more tricks:

Recover WhatsApp messages with iMyFone ChatsBack

iMyFone ChatsBack is the first tool that can recover messages up to 1 year on WhatsApp without having to back up. To use the application we will follow these steps:

  1. First Thing installs ChatsBack on the computer and choose a recovery mode, from the mobile itself, iTunes or Google Drive:

  1. Then a connect your cell phone to your computer using a USB cable. Select "Trust this computer" when the message is displayed:

  1. Choose if you want to recover messages from standard version of WhatsApp or if it is a Business account (company), then click «OK»:

  1. Awards "Restore to PC" or "Restore to Device" depending on where you want to save the recovered messages, then press "Start" to start the process:

After following these steps, you will recover all the messages sent by WhatsApp in the last year, including those that have been deleted by mistake. You can use this method to restore deleted WhatsApp messages to Android mobile or iPhone.

Backup old WhatsApp messages

We will explain the two ways to perform backup old WhatsApp messages on iPhone and Android, which will save us future troubles to recover our precious conversions and attachments.

The first method is for Android phones, you can create a backup of WhatsApp messages linking your WhatsApp profile to your Google account. This will give you the option to back up your messages to Google Drive, where they will be stored for future retrieval if needed.

To do this, you simply have to navigate to the Android mobile settings and find the WhatsApp options page. In this section, enable Google Drive permissions in WhatsApp and that's it.

The second method is for iPhone. The process works the same way, using the iCloud service to create the backup. Activate cloud permissions in the same way we explained for Android and you can choose to create a backup once in WhatsApp.

Both systems are simple and free, you don't need to pay anything to use these storage services, as they are included directly with iPhone and Android.

Backup WhatsApp messages to iTunes (iPhone)

it is also possible use iTunes backup to restore old WhatsApp messages up to 1 year. The process is very similar to iCloud backup, follow these steps to do it:

  1. Connect the Apple device to the iTunes account with the backup.
  2. Uninstall and then download WhatsApp again, verifying the number via SMS.
  3. Choose "Restore" to recover all chats from iTunes backup.

This will allow you to backup all old messages up to 1 year on WhatsApp and you can also restore them this way.

Save old WhatsApp messages in ChatsBack

As a precaution not to lose old messages in WhatsApp, we can also save them in ChatsBack. Install ChatsBack on computer and connect mobile, ChatsBack will start scanning and recovering your WhatsApp data, which will be stored in the history logs.

This will allow us to recover old WhatsApp messages even when we reset the smartphone to factory settings.

Using the History mode you will be able to recover all the old WhatsApp messages archived in ChatsBack. That is it will avoid any loss of chat history, so it's a good solution to keep your chats safe.

Sometimes, when using WhatsApp, you need to restore old messages that were lost or accidentally deleted 1 year or more ago. This is usually quite problematic, especially if we haven't done a backup at the time.

iMyFone ChatsBack it will come in handy in such situations and with this tutorial it will be easy restore old WhatsApp messages on computer or mobile device. Of course, we will have to make backup copies of the chat history in the future so that we do not encounter this problem again.

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