Remind me to take a break Activate on YouTube

Remind me to take a break Activate on YouTube

I admit… I'm a fan of YouTube… I don't see anything that is not on this platform… Gone are the days of using the internet to watch series online, well yeah… I gave Appflix a chance which is one of the excellent alternatives to Netflix for free but let me tell you that there is nothing like YouTube. My wife has to too remind me to take a break from the platform as many hours I spend watching audiovisual content looking for ideas for my articles. It would be great if it was the same YouTube that warned me about remind me I'm taking a breakWell, today, looking application settings, I realized that this option existed and… I didn't know about it, so we'll see how to activate it in a matter of seconds.

What is the 'remind me to pause' option on YouTube?

Well, it's an option that allows us to set a timer to remind us that we need to take a break from YouTube  and go out for stretch our legs a bit considering that spending a lot of time in front of a screen is not healthy… I say this from experience.

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How to activate the «Remind me to take a break» option on Youtube 2022?

Activate the option "Remind me to take a break" on YouTube is very simple, the first thing we have to do is go on our account in the mobile application and click on our profile at the top right.

Now we just have to go to the section "Settings".

Inside "Settings" we will enter the tab "General".

And now activate the tab «Remind me to take a break».

We can choose the reminder frequency to take a break and voilà.. we just have to click on «OK».

Well, you already know how activate the "Remind me to take a break" option on Youtube, if you have any questions you can leave me a comment. If you share this content with your friends you would be doing me a big favor.. thank you so much have a nice day!

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