Reset Workspace in Illustrator CC | Restart Illustrator

It is said that Illustrator CC both the program and each designer should have their own adaptability. Also becoming an essential tool for making sketches, logos, complex digital drawings, among other things.

Given its great acceptance in the field of design and its wide variety of tools. It is considered the most versatile that exists in its field.

On some occasions, due to an error or poor management of the program, we close some windows, panels and tabs of which we will need later, as well as important tools that, by hiding them, make work difficult or slower.

To make it look like ours Illustrator CC exactly like the first time we opened it once installed and to be able to work comfortably and at ease again, there are two ways to proceed, here we will explain each one step by step.

Reset Workspace in Illustrator CC | Restart Illustrator

Restart from the Illustrator program

Step 1

Having the Illustrator CC shortcut on the desktop of our PC, in the Metro interface (in case you have Windows 8) or in the start menu, we will proceed to do double clip on the program icon to start it as usual.

Step 2

Immediately after we press and hold the keys «Control», «ALT» and «I», this tells the Adobe Illustrator CC program to discard the preferences and changes we made earlier and restore the factory settings of the program.

3 pass

When opening Illustrator we will notice that the preferences have been reset, but the configuration of the panels or the workspace remains the same as before. To restore factory settings of these missing items, let's go to the window "Essential aspects" and select «Restore essential aspects».

After following to the letter these 3 simple steps, you will be able to observe the appearance and il behavior Adobe Illustrator CC default.

You can enjoy the large number of tools it has to work and convert images into vectors and customize your workspace as you like, adapting it to your needs, requests and preferences. Let's see the second way to do it.

Restart Illustrator from the preferences file

All Adobe programs keep a history of preferences and Illustrator CC is no exception. So, an easier way to restart your space di work in this program you locate exactly that file on your PC.

To locate the preferences file, the first thing we need to do is enter Windows Explorer and select the main hard drive, once there, in the search bar we will write «Prefs illustrator».

Then the file called “Prefs. Adobe Illustrator”, select it, press the Delete key and delete it.

When will we reopen Adobe Illustrator CC, we will see how panels and settings work in our workspace just like when we first installed this useful and valuable tool.

We will be able to restore it from the factory. Maybe after making a great design you want to convert it to PowerPoint or PDF this is possible, you just need to convert the image to PDF.

Reset Workspace in Illustrator CC | Restart Illustrator

Some interesting and valuable facts that make this tool one of the most popular and used are, for example, that it is available in Spanish.

Be the favorite of the great Hispanic graphic designers; which has various tutorial about how to use it efficiently and that it has been designed so that the user can customize it to their liking.

We hope this article was able to help you solve problems with your version of Adobe Illustrator CC.

Remember to follow the steps to the letter in so that the result is what you want. And you can continue to enjoy the benefits of this wonderful modern, dynamic and versatile tool.

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