Samsung Galaxy Note: Don't lose your S-Pen with this trick

It is, without a doubt, the distinguishing feature of the series Samsung Galaxy Note since the launch of the first model. The S-Pen has become the only reason this series of devices continues to exist and it has not been merged with the Galaxy S series, and this is because many are still choosing models in this family for the versatility it offers. little stylus… until it gets lost, of course.

Unfortunately losing the S-Pen is a more frequent problem than it looks, and many owners of Note series models don't know that you can activate an alarm function to prevent the loss or theft of this precious accessory.

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Samsung Galaxy Note: Don't lose your S-Pen with this trick

S-Pen, the flagship accessory of the Galaxy Note series

Activate an alarm to avoid losing the S-Pen

La alarm clock function is was introduced in the software of the Galaxy Note series phones several years ago, and today it is already possible to find it in all recent models of this family, including the latest Galaxy Note10 and Note10 +, and of course the "Lite". »Version.

Thanks to it, the device will notify us if we have left the S-Pen out of its hole and we move away from it, as long as the cell phone screen is off. That way, we will know where we left it. To enable this feature, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings app on your Galaxy Note.
  2. Go to the Additional Features section and tap «S-Pen».
  3. Tap the «S-Pen Proximity» option to activate the alarm option-

That's all. Once this function is activated, the your mobile will also show you the time the S-Pen was removed from its hole for the last time, so that it is easier to know the place where we may have lost it.

What to do if you have lost your S-Pen

Unfortunately, many may have lost their S-Pen before reading this article, or even with the alarm function activated, they may not have been able to find the lost S-Pen.

For these types of enclosures, you need to remember that Samsung officially sells the replacement S-Pen for the most recent models of the Galaxy Note series, at a price of around 20 euros, which can be slightly higher in the case of more modern terminals. Once purchased, they are very easy to set up to work with our device and in most cases the phone will detect it from the first moment without needing to do anything else.

Once you have your new S-Pen - by the way, you can buy a different color from the original and it will work without problems -, don't forget to activate the function alarm anti-loss, so you don't need to go through the box in case you forget your stylus or lose it again.

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