Send WhatsApp ANONYMOUS Is it possible?

Send WhatsApp ANONYMOUS Is it possible?

Privacy it is a treasure appreciated in the times we live in, since as you well know in a world full of social networks we can hardly hide behind anonymity. One of the questions that users have asked me the most is the following: Can I send WhatsApp anonymously? , the answer is YES with a big BUT… Then we'll talk about how to do it and… WHY YOU SHOULD NOT.

Can I send anonymous WhatsApp?

As you can, the fact is that using an application for send anonymous WhatsApp is a way for stalkers to stalk their victims under anonymity. Both Google Play and Facebook (the company that bought this messaging client) know this, so whenever an app appears that allows you to send anonymous WhatsApp for free in the Play Store, the they are eliminated in a short time.

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First The Application To Send Anonymous WhatsApp

This had already happened with Primo, an app that allowed you to send a hidden WhatsApp, the truth is that the application worked quite well, but then… because it was removed from the Play Store? Well, why does not comply with the GDPR of the European Union and it was banned from the Google Play Store. Here is a video of how Primo worked for send anonymous whatsapp messages (not working anymore, checked).

Wassame Web to send anonymous WhatsApp for free

If there is one website that borders on illegal in terms of data protection law, it is Wassame. A service that has allowed us to send anonymous WhatsApp messages from a website.

How to send a hidden WhatsApp with Wassame

First of all, it should be noted that this service is currently available NO LONGER WORKING, since it gives a internal server error 503. But if you want try your luck at your own peril, here is the link especially to see what the service was like.

  • whatsame

To use Wassame we had to fill in the following sections:

  • Country town).
  • Number (phone number).
  • Show publicly (if we wanted to make the publication visible).
  • Verification (a sum to verify that we were not robots).
  • Send (send hidden message).
Send anonymous WhatsApp with Wassame.

The problem with this is that to the right we could see almost all of it hidden WhatsApp messages were threats and even if you go down in the conversation there is a message with a photo of a DNI, something going against data protection law and is a crime. Here because services like Wassame DO NOT WORK ANYMORE.

Is it possible to send an anonymous WhatsApp?

Currently It CANNOT be done, GDPR (fortunately) ensured that this type of service is not possible, other than that it is against app policies use third party applications so if you see an online tutorial that allows you to send whatsapp with hidden phone number.. LIES. However, sometimes these types of applications sneak into play store and though of usually last a few hours or a few days, it's just to try to find them and use them at your own risk.

Send WhatsApp from hidden number.

Although we already tell you that in 99% of cases THEY DO NOT WORK and if they do, they will last a few hours or a few days.

You can write in the comments how your experience was when send an anonymous message on whatsapp. Remember to share this article with your social networks if it was interesting, please, it would help me a lot… thanks!

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