Show me on Tinder off

Show me on Tinder off

Sometimes exposure on Tinder can become a real burden and annoyance for some people and especially when you are very busy and for this reason many have been looking for a way not to appear on Tinder and therefore reduce and control the activity you have in this app. For these reasons, we would like to present you the following article: Show me on Tinder deactivated where it will be clarified, some initial aspects of temporarily disabling this feature of appearing in TInder slides and later the procedure for not appearing in Tinder will be explained and pause, follow it.

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They don't appear on Tinder [CLARIFICATION]

Firstly, it is worth noting that this feature or resource of not appearing on Tinder allows any user to effectively and instantly not appear in swipes on Tinder

Now, however, you should know that with this action the matches and conversations you have had to date on Tinder will not be deleted, they will remain in the Messages section of Tinder and you can continue chatting with them or see what they have done with them (them forget, give them their WhatsApp) because if they come back later, they may have discarded that match and not appear in their conversations section, as well as showing disinterest in you.

On the other hand, it is worth noting that when you deactivate «Discovery» they will no longer be seen in Tinder swipes but yes, if they gave some » We market » will be able to appear in the options of those people who have received their » I like it » and so on., may have new matches.

Show me on Tinder off | STEP 1: Go to your account settings

The first thing they should do is log into Tinder itself and after that, they will tap on the profile icon that appears in the top right and in this new section, they will tap on the « iconSettings» (the gear) which will take them to Set up your account.

Show me on Tinder off | STEP 2: Configure discoveries

Once in the section «Settings«, they should scroll down until they reach «Tracking Settings» and here, in the option «Show me on Tinder«, they should move the ball to the left and with that, this tracking feature will be temporarily disabled. appear on Tinder to other users.

Show me on Tinder off | STEP #3: Confirm

To confirm that your profile has indeed been hidden on Tinder, all you have to do is click on «OK» located at the top right of this section to reach your profile and then here, simply tap the flame icon at the top right and they will find a message clearly telling them their card is hidden.

Note No. 1: By the way, you can reactivate or show your profile whenever you want by following the same procedure but this time you will have to move the ball to the right of the Show me on Tinder option and that's it.

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