Solution: "I can't update Instagram from the Play Store" - How to update Instagram on my PC

Through this guide we will show you the solution to the problem 'I can't update Instagram from the Play Store' - How to update Instagram on my PC.

You need to know when to update Instagram

Instagram is an ever-evolving application, in fact it receives updates constantly. Also, if you want to use the App to its full potential, we recommend that you update it when possible.

Either way, you don't always know when an app update comes out, but there are a few ways to keep track of it.

First of all, as we have pointed out, Instagram receives constant changes and usually people talk about it (for better or for worse). This is undoubtedly a good way to know that you need to install an Instagram update.

On the other hand, sometimes the application directly warns you that you need to update or even requests it. So, if for some reason you can't log into Instagram or get a notification requesting the update, it's a good time to do it.


However, Instagram isn't perfect and does indeed have relatively common mistakes. One of them prohibits the installation of the app, in particular does not allow Instagram update from the Play Store. Fortunately, there are several things we can do to fix this.

Solutions to "I can't update Instagram from the Play Store"

The causes of the impossibility to install or update Instagram on your Android are different. Even so, there are some aspects you should take into consideration.

Make sure there are no other updates queued

Play Store is the application that Google provides us to download applications and install updates. Either way, you usually have a lot of applications installed on your system and if you have automatic updates enabled, there may be others in the queue.

When there are updates queued, the message «in expectation »Usually appears when updating an app like Instagram. In most cases, you just have to wait, although you also have the option to cancel the other updates.

In addition, there is also the possibility to disable automatic updates of an Android App, which is recommended if you think you do not need updates to one or more Apps.

Try clearing cache and data from the Play Store

It's one of the most talked about solutions when it comes to Android, but clearing app cache and data usually helps. Therefore, if you fail to update Instagram from the Play Store, try cleaning the data that the download application usually stores.

  • To do the above, simply go to " Settings »Of your Android device.
  • Among the many options available, you must identify " Applications «, Where you will find the Play Store, click on its icon.
  • Depending on the device you have, there are variations, but usually the option is shown " Memory ". Here you will see two options, "Clear cache" and "Clear data", we recommend that you press on both.
  • If possible, restart your device and try downloading Instagram again to see if the error is resolved.

Download Instagram from PC

You may not know it, but the application Instagram is available for the Windows 10 operating system, although this shouldn't come as a surprise, because it's even possible to download and install Instagram on a Smart TV. In any case, it is a good alternative if you cannot use the App from your mobile or if you want to use it directly from your computer.


  • If you want to download Instagram from your PC, just open the application " Microsoft Store ".
  • Once there, go to the top right (to the search engine) and type Instagram ITA, press Enter. It should appear in the first result, just like Instagram.
  • Click on the application and then on the button » Install ". After that, simply wait for the process to finish and you can run the application directly from the start menu.

Clearly, this process is not necessary for uploading and posting photos to Instagram from your Windows PC, as is also possible from the browser. However, the app undoubtedly has its advantages.

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