Solution: "I can't vote or touch a photo on Badoo" from my mobile

Basic tools like the internet and smartphones are one of the most common ways to flirt to find a partner. There is no formula that indicates the proper way to get the "better half", because we are not aware of what will happen in the future.

It could be said that finding a partner via the internet or via mobile applications is one of the most used trends today, this is proof that the technology has invaded the forms of communication and human relationships in all imaginable and unimaginable ways.

For many it is a pro and for others a con, the truth is that it is a reality and we cannot escape it. However, there are those who stick to the old and prefer relate physically, others are more open and use this type of meeting.

There are countless ways to meet friends and partners through services like Facebook Dating for flirting, others try to register on Tinder to meet new people, or many even don't feel like looking for a relationship and end up in one through them. However, everything is relative, everyone is happy to choose the way to meet new people, as long as it is safe.

Solution: "I can't vote or touch a photo on Badoo" from my mobile

The social network in question is a free application that allows its users to meet new people, with the possibility of finding a partner or new friends. It currently has around 500.000.000 users. The portal works in more than 180 countries.


The online dating system has no cost, as it is completely free, it allows its users to vote among them. Likewise, it allows for other types of basic interactions like chatting, looking at photos, likes or dislikes.

However, there is a very limited number of users who have some problems with Badoo, especially when touching a photo, if this has happened to you, don't despair that it has a solution.

If the problem occurs in the application of your smartphone, close your profile session and log in again, if the problem persists, delete the records that are saved, such as: cache and stored data, then restart the session and voila.

However, there is a limited number of users who simply log into the Badoo website. If you present the problem like this, what you should do is a very simple step, you just have to close the session and enter again, if the problem is not solved, delete all data and settings of your browser, if it does not work, contact Badoo online support.

How to use Badoo instant messaging?

First of all, you must log in where it is most convenient for you, it can be via your PC or download the application on your Android device, or on your Apple device and log in. Once you have entered the application and if you are using the option "People nearby" , the "Chat now" option has been placed at the top of the profile


Once you have selected the above, at the bottom of the window it will come The field available for is displayed write your message, then hit send and that's it. When the person views the message, it will be visible in the conversation window.

Superpowers on Badoo

Yes, you read that right, this is an option in the partner search system, it can be in two ways, activated or deactivated. While this option is not available to free users, don't despair, just paying for the subscription will activate the option. This will let you know who added you to the favorites folder, who like you, you can make yourself invisible, chat with popular users.

Similarly, you can make your messages be the first to read, so that the user you wrote to can read the message overlapping the others they receive. It will also allow you to chat with new friends from anywhere in the world as well you won't have to wait long before that it opens up to all.

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