Solution: «Unable to process media» Twitter error

Multimedia errors in processing files they are very common, which is a nuisance for users. In social networks, this type of file usually has entertainment content and when it has errors it is not very pleasant.

Twitter media files are one of the most common ways for this social network to deliver audiovisual information and briefly communicate relevant news. If you get the error "Your media file could not be processed", here you will learn how to fix it.

What is a media file on Twitter?

When it comes to social networks, we usually see and identify the logos that represent each of these, and we will never notice that the white bird with blue background. Twitter has become a historic social network, and this only taking into account the duration of its boom.

We are talking about a social network that continues to be among the favorites all over the world, with the registration of over 50 million users every year. This means that Twitter arrived more than 15 years ago and is here to stay at the top of social networks for a long time to come.

Among the features of this social networks we have the famous Tweets which are small comments offered by users posted from an account to the whole world; the ease with which you connect with others; and the way to share all kinds of formats, including multimedia files. 

Solution: «Unable to process media» Twitter error

I Twitter media files there are different means through which information can be provided: images, videos, animations or just sounds; These files are shared by most users, on Twitter, and can also be exported via tweets on Instagram. But sometimes they have errors within the application itself while loading which is annoying for users.

What is the cause of the Twitter 'Unable to process media' error?

For any user who usually shares media files on Twitter, it is very likely that they have witnessed this type of error: "Unable to process media file". This is in fact a very, very frequent mistake; and the causes of this are multifactorial, depending on the type of media file you want to share.

For years, many users have been playing for followers, and they apply various methods to invite someone to Twitter and make them follow them easily. One of them is to upload many audiovisual content and use the tags so that he can position himself and achieve his mission.

If a user, the majority, who applies this method and is presented with the error 'your media file cannot be processed', it will be difficult to get the desired followers, so you can get angry if this problem he does not come Resolved.

But for this solution it must be known what is due or the reason for the Twitter error. Usually this error is caused by a requirement which is not satisfied with said file.

This requirement can be incorrect resolution, incorrect size, frame rate per second, format, bit rate, maximum time, and many other factors.

How do I fix the Twitter error "Unable to process media"?

Considering the causes of this error, we will provide one simple solution, so you can continue uploading your content and even see and know who and how many people have viewed your Tweet with Twitter stats. 

Solution: «Unable to process media» Twitter error

The first thing we will do is make sure of update to the latest version of Twitter. So from here we can give a specific solution based on the error that may be.

As explained in the previous section, the media file format is the main cause of this problem, and the solution is given establishing the requirements requested by the social network.

In this sense, the format must be .mp4; FPS speed requires a maximum of 40; bit rate up to 25 MBps; the resolution must be between 32 × 32 and 1920 × 1200; and in the video it would be 720p; the maximum duration of 140 seconds. And all this can be made with apps.

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