Spotify Blend: Create playlists with a friend and upload common flavors to Instagram Stories

Spotify Blend: Create playlists with a friend and upload common flavors to Instagram Stories

The new function Blend («Fusion» in Spanish) by Spotify is now available worldwide. It allows us to create playlists with a friend with similar songs and also offers us the interesting possibility of uploading coincidences of musical taste on Instagram Stories, after analyzing our listening habits.

The so-called Spotify Blend creates a playlist for two friends, which includes songs that we both like and integrates it with others from each participant that both of you might like, according to Spotify's algorithm.

Only if we are a Spotify Premium member will it be indicated which of the members (or both) contributed each song to Blend, otherwise the list will only appear without that detail.

To use it, it is You need to send the other person an invite link, which can only be generated in the Android or iOS application. We can share it directly via WhatsApp, Instagram, email or any other mobile app, or send the link yourself.

The new Spotify Blend or Spotify Fusion option appears in this mobile app menu:

Search tab -> Browse all -> Especially for you -> Join -> Invite

Our friend has to accept the music fusion, then the song list will be created. It is truly remarkable that the song selection is updated daily, so every time we enter it will help us discover new music.

Each Merger can only be between two people, but we can have as many Mergers as we want. Once in the common playlist we can open the menu by pressing the three dots icon and we will have the opportunity to «See history of Fusion»:

In addition, we have the option «Quit Fusion» if we don't want to keep it. At the end of the Spotify story we have a button "Share this story" with the possibility of sending it to WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and downloading it, among other possibilities.

Actually, due to the format of the presentation, the ideal is to upload it to Instagram Stories and it will also allow us to tag our friend if we have him on that social network. Unfortunately, it loads without sound, although there is a way to share Spotify music to Instagram Stories.

In the Blend or Fusion function, the image indicating the percentage of musical tastes in common is not used and, in fact, is sometimes cut. It is to be imagined that Spotify will fix it soon, as this idea can achieve a lot of virality in Instagram Stories.

In general, the new Spotify Blend or Fusion will give a lot of space to Instagram Stories, even if the concept itself is interesting to analyze the coincidences in musical taste with our friends.

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