Superpowers on Badoo: what they are, how to activate them and use them to link more

If you want to meet different people and who knows if you also find love, Badoo is the best option. You have used superpowers, here you will see what they are, how you can activate and use them.

What are superpowers on Badoo and how can I use them?

I Superpowers are tools that offers online for a monthly fee, with them you can do many things with a free account you can not find it, I will show you some advantages of having super powers.

Can you remove pixelation from photos without paying?

One of the advantages of Badoo superpowers is that when you activate them you will be able to see more clearly those photos of people who liked your profile, if you don't have Badoo Premium you shouldn't worry, after you will find a way to activate them for free.

Superpowers on Badoo: what they are, how to activate them and use them to link more

Get the other person to see your messages first

It might be difficult at first to talk to another user, now how can you do it see your messages first? , if you ship it with special delivery.

You can see this option in the part where the messages are written, also do not forget that it is necessary that the superpowers are activated, so you will get that your message is among the first read.

You can put custom wallpapers

This part is important, as what you see on our profile can speak well or badly about us, you need to take the time to edit your profile. There are ways to make it eye-catching like putting custom wallpapers.

After logging into your Badoo account, look for this option in the settings which is visible, scroll down and choose to customize yours profile, you will see a large number of images, take some time to think about which image you want to project on your profile, then agree to apply the change. Remember that to achieve this you must activate superpowers.

Send gifts to whoever you want to impress

Gifts are ways to report someone you like. Badoo offers you a great variety of kisses, hearts, envelopes, flowers and much more. Just choose the best one to amaze that person, if you already have the gift in mind, you just have to search for the lucky profile, go to the gifts section and tap, now choose which gift to give.

Badoo will offer you two options, you have to choose if you want the gift to be seen by everyone or if you want it to remain private. Another option it offers you is that you can attach a letter when sending.

Activate stealth mode on your Badoo account

The invisible mode it is very useful when you investigate other profiles without them noticing, if you activate it they will not know who you are, Badoo offers you to be like a ghost. While this option is only available for the paid version, here's how to activate Badoo Premium for free for 14 days. To activate stealth mode you just need to go to your profile settings and locate the option invisible mode and voila you can investigate without getting caught.

Superpowers on Badoo: what they are, how to activate them and use them to link more

What is the best way to activate superpowers on Badoo?

As we have seen, having this option it gives you many advantages over others, makes you more visible on the platform. To activate them is simple, after logging in you have to locate the symbol of the Badoo superpowers, it is an «S», you just have to touch it and you will be shown a confirmation page indicating that when you tap they will be active.

Now it will show you some advantages that you will have by having this option, you have to decide your payment method and voila, now you can enjoy this option. What if you could enjoy these super powers without paying? It would be nice.

Is there a way to use them for free?

After entering your profile, select account and tap delete account, answer yes to the questions they ask you, when you get to the last notice, Badoo will offer you free superpowers for 3 days, accept the offer and make the most of it.

If I don't have superpowers, how do I know who likes me on Badoo?

If you want to know who liked your profile, you just have to look for the "I like them" option, it is in the options part in Badoo, there you can see the users who voted "Yes" in the Encounter game.

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