Telegram for PC: How to download and use Telegram from your computer

Telegram for PC: How to download and use Telegram from your computer

In this article you will learn how to download or use Telegram from your computer. One refers to the desktop application which you can install on any operating system, as well as the web version of this messaging app. You will also get to know some of the advantages and disadvantages that can make a significant difference in your user experience, if you decide to use Telegram on your desktop or laptop.

Il main advantage of both versions compared to other popular apps in this category is that you can use them without the mobile app having logged in. Also, it might be more convenient to have the app on your computer, since you'll be able to share your documents more easily. However, there are also some disadvantages or limitations that you should be aware of and which will be presented in this text.

Download and install the desktop version

The downloadable Telegram program for computers brings all the benefits of the mobile app to your PC. Getting any of the desktop versions is quick and easy, you just have to do the following, whichever option you prefer:

  • Enter the official Telegram website e select your Operating System.
  • You can also download the version you prefer from the corresponding official store, both the Mac App Store and the Microsoft Store.

On the official website trovate portable versions available solo per Windows, which do not need to be installed on computers to be used. This will allow you to carry them on a flash drive and run them on any desktop.

Once the.exe file is downloaded, you need to run it on your computer, configure the language and phone number. In the end, enter the code that was sent via SMS to your mobile phone and you will be inside your Telegram account. Another alternative to log in is to scan the QR code, which you can only do if you have an open session on your mobile.

Use the web version from your browser

If you don't want to download programs to your computer, Telegram has a browser platform much like its mobile and PC apps. This it's an option designed to be lightweight, weighing 400 KB e the best part is that it doesn't need to be installed. Users can quickly access their chats and other content found in their account. You have 3 options available to choose from, which are:

  • K version which you can enter from this link,
  • Z version which you can try from this link
  • Old version which is the first created for browsers by Telegram and that you can use by clicking here.

The two new web platforms (K and Z version) are planned to support dark mode, folders, animated stickers and other great features.

Differences with the mobile application

The mobile application has all its features
fully enabled, so you can enjoy everything Telegram has to offer for you. On the other hand, the browser and desktop versions have some limitations. Each of them will be listed in this section, so you understand the differences clearly.

Limitations of the web version

Some of the major differences of the web version that represent a limitation Compared to the features available in the mobile application are as follows:

  • Not being able to shoot photo with the camera.
  • Do not post or read self-destructive messages.
  • You can not create secret chats or accept invitations.
  • You will not be able to send contacts.
  • You will not be able to share your location.
  • Does not allow to manage more than one account simultaneously.

Limitations of the desktop version

The desktop program is less limited than the web version, as it allows for some positive features, but is also limited compared to the app, due to the following:

  • Pictures cannot be taken with the camera.
  • You will not be able to send or read self-destructing messages.
  • It is not possible to create secret chats or accept invitations.

On the other hand, the desktop installable application offers some interesting features that the mobile app also does not have. Some additional positive features that you will find in the desktop version of Telegram are the following:

  • You can use multiple accounts at the same time.
  • It's possible place a locking pin for added security and privacy.
  • You will have customizable desktop notifications.
  • You configure a single folder to download all files on your PC.
  • You will have the opportunity to make or receive normal calls or video calls.

As you can see, the mobile app and desktop versions are very different. However, not all differences are negative, since these options offer a variety of additional features and interesting benefits that you will not find in the mobile version.

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