The 3 best features of the Blackberry that we would like to review

The Canadian company BlackBerry is back, again. After a brief but intense love affair with TCL that eventually ended, the company found another company that will take care of produce new phones with its own brand.

This news led us to look back and remembering everything that made BlackBerry phones special to end up finding X functions of these devices, which we would like to review in the brand's new phones arriving in 2021.

1. Physical keyboard with integrated touchpad and shortcuts

The 3 best features of the Blackberry that we would like to review

BlackBerry Key2, one of the latest Android phones from BlackBerry.

You can't talk about BlackBerry phones without talking about their keyboards. The company decided to keep this addition alive in its latest models as well, including the BlackBerry KEY2 we tested at the time.

In addition to the fantastic typing experience offered by these miniature full QWERTY keyboards, what we really lack are the keyboard shortcuts which allow for quick action.

In this way, in the latest BlackBerry models it was possible, for example, launch apps such as WhatsApp by pressing and holding the letter W on the keyboard, o GMail if we did the same with the letter G.

Nor do we forget the touchpad integrated into the keyboard, with which to move around the interface or scroll without having to touch the screen of the mobile phone itself.

Fortunately, there is hope: the company OnwardMobility, in charge of producing the new BlackBerry licensed phones, has confirmed that the new terminals will have a physical keyboard, so that these functions can be part of the data sheet of the new terminals.

2. "Privacy mode"

The 3 best features of the Blackberry that we would like to review

Privacy Shade allows you to hide part of the screen.

Probably the best idea a manufacturer has ever had to preserve the privacy of its users. PrivacyShade it was a built-in mode in the latest BlackBerry phones, which when activated it covered part of the screen with a black "curtain" to avoid prying eyes from other people around us.

With it, it is possible read or write sensitive information on your mobile phone, regardless of who is by our side. A feature that, without a doubt, should be present in new BlackBerry phones.

Mostly, this function can be installed on other mobile phones thanks to the BlackBerry Manager application, compatible with Android mobile phones from version 5.0 Lollipop of the operating system.

3. Protected photos thanks to the fingerprint reader

The 3 best features of the Blackberry that we would like to review

At least one new mobile BlackBerry with Android will arrive in 2021.

Another very ingenious feature that was present in the brand's latest mobile phones was the ability to save images taken with the camera directly to a secure folder, whose access was blocked by other people who could use our cellphone.

But even better is the way to activate this function. To do this, enough take a picture using the direct access built into the mobile fingerprint reader. The photo will automatically be stored in this secure folder.

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