The 4 best Youtube channels for learning English

The 4 best Youtube channels for learning English

There are no excuses. Thanks to technology, anyone who doesn't want to learn English is because they don't. Shakespeare's language is essential in the 21st century, especially as we live in a world that will be increasingly globalized.

And be careful, because learning English doesn't have to be boring. There is no need to buy boring grammar books, since via app or with these YouTube channels that we present to you later, English will be child's play.

Jennifer ESL

This English teacher with nearly 900.000 students, has one of the best YouTube channels for learning English. Designed for beginners, we will learn the basics in a didactic, simple and above all fun way. The important thing about this channel is the pronunciation and ease of understanding, perfect for those who want to exercise hearing.

Rachel's English

With over 2 million followers on YouTube, Rachel's channel is one of the leaders in teaching this language. Although his channel is aimed at teaching American English, this doesn't have to be bad at all, especially if we're planning on traveling to the United States soon. If you follow his videos you will immediately understand how he came to have so many followers.

Speak English with Mr. Duncan

In the days of my students there were always teachers who related to their students better than others. Duncan is a clear example of this. With his channel of 900.000 followers, Duncan offers practical English lessons for all levels. Above all, this teacher explains his lessons full of energy and motivation, something all educators should always have.


And we ended up with an English channel aimed at children. Because the sooner a person learns to speak English, the better. Cocomelon is a cartoon channel that will delight the little ones. In addition to great animation, their music is great and will make children learn English, as well as being glued to the computer screen. What more could you want?

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