The 4 Google tips to keep you fit this 2021

Lose weight, play sports, keep fit… The most common resolutions to start a new year are related to physical activity and health. Google wants to help you get one of them this 2021, that of keep yourself in good shape, and for this gives you 4 tips that you can take advantage of now.

The requirement you have to meet in order to use these tips is that Google Fit is installed on your mobile. If you don't know it yet, it's time for you to discover this interesting app focused on health and physical activity. Do you want to keep fit? Open Google Fit and apply these 4 useful tips that Google offers you from his blog.

Measure the most important data during training

The 4 Google tips to keep you fit this 2021

Get in shape with these 4 Google tips.

The American Heart Association (AHA) and the World Health Organization (WHO) encourage us to practice weekly at least 150 minutes of moderate activity o 75 minutes of intense activity.

However, some mobile fitness tracker apps can be a little overwhelming by showing you off dozens of data that you don't even care about, leaving aside what's really important: the time you spent exercising.

For this reason, Google Fit chooses to be simpler and yes focuses on measuring fundamental data only. It does this through a scoring system called Cardio Points, so you receive a series of points every time you train. If you do moderate physical activity, such as going for a walk, you get one point for every minute. If you do more intense exercise, like running, you get two minutes for every minute that passes.

This way you can measure the type of exercise you did and the time you have dedicated to us, and see how all this data is converted into Heart Points. And this is Google's first tip: measure the most important data during training to keep fit more easily.

Stay motivated

The first day of a new exercise routine must always be approached with enthusiasm, even if it is normal for motivation to decrease over time. Therefore, from Google they encourage you to turn this routine into something more social and fun into so that it is easier to continue with the motivation.

You don't have to leave Google Fit to do this, because in the app itself you can share your workouts with friends and family to show that you are achieving your goals. Also, from the application it is possible share information also through social networks like Instagram. Be careful, because you can add the selfies you have taken during each workout so that others see that you have worked.

Any physical activity counts

It's important to use an exercise tracking app that can measure activity across a multitude of sports, not just walking or running. In this sense, Google Fit keeps track of more than 100 activities, such as basketball, table tennis or diving. Remember to add a new workout before starting and select the activity you will do well so that Google Fit collects the data and adds it to your profile

Also, you can connect other apps and devices physical activity tracking so that all information is in one place, Google Fit.

Invest in rest

The 4 Google tips to keep you fit this 2021

The new version of Google Fit for 2020.

Rest is essential to be able to perform physical exercise in the best possible way and, in this way, to keep fit. The Google Fit sleep monitor, which received a noticeable improvement in the November 2020 update, helps you keep track of your sleep cycles using information from apps such as Sleep as Android and from sleep monitoring devices.

With the data provided by Google Fit analytics, you can find out how have your sleep patterns been over the past few months. If you have trouble falling asleep, Google recommends doing meditation and mindfulness exercises to help you relax and sleep better.

And here are the 4 Google tips to keep fit more easily in 2021. You know, paying particular attention to the truly fundamental data, staying motivated, recording every physical activity and giving rest the importance it deserves are fundamental aspects to maintain that desired state.

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