The best alternatives to 101 Dalmatians you can also see in Disney +

The best alternatives to 101 Dalmatians you can also see in Disney +

Enjoy any film by animation, whatever your age, it should be something compulsory or else we will start thinking that you have to bring out the boy or girl in you. When we explored the Disney + catalog in Spain, we hardly found those film and they made us dream that another world, fairer, more fun and easier to explore, was possible. If you stay with us, we will advise you in the following lines quattro movie similar to the fabulous 101 Dalmatians.

The Aristocats

Perhaps we could define this film as the revenge of cat lovers, although its history goes far beyond a few, and absolutely adorable, felines that they roam freely in the city, singing, playing instruments e dancing. This story teaches us, as usual at Disney, how the class struggle it means nothing if there is no humanity in us. A stray cat, Thomas O'Malley, will teach us that having a pedigree is not synonymous with being rich.

  • Year: 1970
  • Comedy genre
  • Approximate duration: 81 minutes

brother bear

As you can see, I wanted to focus on film Disney who are almost entirely played by animals and, on this occasion, I want to remember a title that passed through the halls without pain or glory, at least so it remained in the memory, but which speaks to us of a Inuit boy, a North American people, yes turns into bear and that must learn values ​​from the rest of the animals of the forest if he wants to regain his human form.

  • Year 2003
  • Genre: adventure
  • Approximate duration: 85 minutes

Basil the super investigator mouse

It is not possible to calculate the number of times that cinema or television have told us based stories, with greater or lesser fidelity, on the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. On this occasion, in another of those great Disney works that get lost in a sea of ​​animation, we will be able to get close to London at the end of early nineteenth century and solve the disappearance of Olivia's father, a mouse, which, helped by her friends, she will have to face countless dangers.

  • Year: 1986
  • Genre: adventure
  • Approximate duration: 75 minutes

La Lilli and the Vagabondo

Although the title sounds more to you for the live action film, a genre that haunts us today and that, in my humble opinion, is completely superfluous, you must know the original animated film, one of the first of the companies where the difference of classes and that invites us to meet gulf and lady. Without a doubt, the sequence of restaurant Italian and the dish of spaghetti with meatballs is already one of the most remembered of the genre, conquering for decades the heart of millions of people.

  • Year: 1955
  • Genre: adventure
  • Approximate duration: 75 minutes

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