The best apps for making group video calls

Each app has its own characteristics and also its limitations. We present a list of what we consider the best apps to make group calls and also video calls. Depending on what you need to make a group call, of course one or the other may suit you.

We take care of introducing you to these best applications for making group video calls and at the end of the day, depending on your needs, you will be the one to choose which of them is the best for you.

The best apps for making group video calls

Group calling app

Instagram: The social network focused on photos and videos also has the ability to carry out video calls in groups of up to six people. It is not a very high figure, but we must bear in mind that it is not the main goal of the application. Perhaps it might be seen as an advantage to talk to your friends every now and then.

Skype: Perhaps one of the most popular applications for making group calls. For many years in the workplace, Skype has been the first option. Calls can have up to 50 people, although if you want to add video, only 10 of these 50 can do it while the rest can only use audio.

However, there is no denying that the quality of the audio of the calls and, above all, its stability, make Skype the first choice for many people when making group video calls.

WhatsApp: Obviously, the most used instant messaging application could not be missing today. Even if he has a habit of applying some functions a little late. The problem with the group WhatsApp calls is that the limit is rather low: 4 people. Perhaps for work environments it is not a good alternative.

Facebook Messenger: The social network app also includes the ability to make group calls for a couple of years. The limit is equal to Skype's limit of 50 people, but in this case only 6 of those 50 can use the camera.

Fring: We added it to the list for the simple fact that it was many years ago was one of the apps that popularized group video calling. While it continues to work, it hasn't been updated in a long time and will only accept up to 4 people at a time if that's the case.

The best apps for making group video calls

App for making group video calls

Oovoo: Of the video calling applications, Oovoo is one of the best known. It is available on both Android and PC and up to 12 people can join a group video call.

Houseparty: it is perhaps one of the least known on the list, but it has a rather curious premise since in a nutshell it is not a messaging app like WhatsApp or others. Rather, it is a social network that focuses on calls between its members.

Despite this, the calls support up to 8 people. The good thing about this is that spending time with friends is great as you can play a wide variety of games with everyone on the call.

Hangouts: abandoned by Google, but it still works quite well. It has always been a high quality app (you can't expect less from the internet behemoth), however the maximum number of people who can participate in video calls is 10, although everyone can use a camera. The only thing that when using a P2P system it is necessary that all members have a stable connection.

WeChat: who doesn't know WeChat? Gradually several pretty cool features were added and one of them is group video calling, which in this case it supports up to 9 people. The only problem is that since it is not as popular as other applications, it may not be easy to get your friends to use WeChat.

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