The best jokes on WhatsApp

The best jokes on WhatsApp

We did an article some time ago talking about the different free prank call applications that exist. Today we're going to take it a step further and talk of the best jokes on WhatsApp, ideal to spend pleasant and funny moments with colleagues, do a joke on the couple or our parents.

What jokes can I make on WhatsApp?

H WhatsApp acer jokes it's more of a fancy level job as you can do many things for bother your colleagues. Some of the most common are for example: whatsapp brown, use fake chats, send fake locations via WhatsApp, send blank messages, jokes outside the Whatsapp group, audio jokes… the limit is your imagination.

How to make jokes on WhatsApp

We'll do one later collection of jokes and the steps you need to follow to perform them easily and for free.

The joke of the Moreno of WhatsApp

The bruna her WhatsApp is one of most legendary jokes of this messaging client. And if you search jokes for whatsapp groups, whatsapp brown it has to be first on your list.

Download El Moreno Del WhatsApp II

Whatsapp Moreno Joke.

You can download this whatsapp prank app directly from the Play Store at the following link.

How does it work?

We will have to put a photo which will be the one that is visible in the preview when you send a photo via WhatsApp… at the time of download , the photo of the brunette from WhatsApp will be displayed in all its glory. Note that the photo I am completely customizable, One of the innocent of whatsapp which should not be missing in yours joke repertoire.

Send fake chats via WhatsApp

Another one joke to make on whatsapp è I will simulate a fake chat, there are numerous applications to get this joke but the most famous is WhatsFake.

Scarica WhatsFake

You can download this fake chat app for whatsapp directly from the Play Store at the following link.

Download Fake Chat

Fake chat Fake conversations.

Another application for fake chat simulation on WhatsApp è Fake Chat Conversation. You can download this app prank for whatsapp groups from the following link.

Send fake locations via WhatsApp

Another one whatsapp joke for your girlfriend or boyfriend is l ' sending a fake location via WhatsApp. This way you can play a joke, make him jealous or jealous or even… get out of it mezzo .

Download FAKE GPS Location

Download this application to send fake WhatsApp locations from the link below.

How to create fake location on WhatsApp?

Here is a video of some of the best whatsapp jokes what you can do.

Send blank messages via WhatsApp

This is one of the whatsapp jokes for friends which confuses the most, we are talking about send blank WhatsApp messages, for this we only have to download an application.

Download blank message for whatsapp

Download this prank for whatsapp for free from the following link.

Audio jokes for WhatsApp

This is undoubtedly one of the riskiest WhatsApp jokes you can make. To do this, you must send an audio of a few seconds and speak very slowly… the person listening to you… will bring the cell phone to his ear… a few seconds before ending the conversation, you scream with all your might . One of those jokes to make friends on whatsapp that they won't forget.

Jokes for WhatsApp Audio.

Se hai altere jokes for whatsapp with emoticons, audio, photo or any app, leave me a comment and I will add it to the list. Please, if the article was interesting, share it with your social networks.. it would help me a lot.. thank you!

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