The best tricks for your Huawei phone

On March 26, the Chinese company Huawei presented its new top-of-the-range terminals for the year 2020. The new Huawei P40 - we leave the analysis here - and P40 Pro - the analysis in this link - present themselves with a rather remarkable design and performance, although they are not the only advantages that must be highlighted.

The best tricks for your Huawei phone

As already achieved last year with the P30 line, the new Huawei devices have an exceptional photographic sector that has really left a bad taste in our mouths in trying it. And it is that if what we are looking for is a terminal with which we can take incredible photographs during the day, at night, of near or far objects or selfies, Huawei phone will be one of our best options. That's why surely some of you have already taken it or are considering doing it. Therefore, we remind you of this video from our colleagues at Urban Tecno so that you can get the most out of your Huawei device, whatever the model.

The tricks every Huawei cell phone owner should know

Huawei itself has become one of the most important companies in the technology landscape, even if it is currently not easy at all. As many of you already know, the clashes with Donald Trump's US government have caused the break (it seems the one already definitive) between Google and the Asian company. That is Huawei continues to produce Android smartphones but unfortunately they no longer have the Google service.

As we have shown in both P40 series reviews, this is the main problem with both terminals. Because in addition to not having Google services and not being able to use essential apps such as Gmail, YouTube or Google Maps, we do not have access to the Play Store so we will have to look for alternatives. So, these terminals and despite everything that we liked during the analysis, they are difficult to recommend depending on the user.

However, whether because you have a previous generation Huawei or because you honestly have the same Google and its services and you love Huawei, the video we have left a few paragraphs above will come to you in general to get the most out of these fabulous mobile devices and EMUI 10, the level of customization of the Chinese brand.

From learning how to manage your smartphone through gestures, adding additional security to our mobile terminal, using the EMUI safe to store our most personal photos and videos or knowing how to take screenshots in the easiest and fastest way, among many other tips. Tricks undoubtedly indispensable for every Huawei user.

Remember that our Urban Tecno colleagues have also made a video that shows us the best tricks for Xiaomi phones, so if you also have a device from this company or just know a family member or friend who there Ha, do not hesitate to recommend it.

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