The iPad is the best tablet on the market without any discussion

I admit, I've always been a strong supporter of tablets. They seem to me to be really interesting devices with a lot of potential, both for carrying out leisure activities - surfing the internet, consuming multimedia content and even playing video games - and for productivity activities - taking notes in class, writing texts in Word or taking your own home. office on-.

Unfortunately, Google doesn't think like me. While Android smartphones dominate the market well above their main competition, the same cannot be said of the tablet market where the iPad reigns without question. And it is no less that the expedient of the people of Cupertino is unsurpassed.

Is the iPad the best telecommuting product?

The iPad is the best tablet on the market without any discussion

Personally I have been an Android tablet user for many years. My first device was a 7-inch BQ, then I went through a Google Nexus and then tried others until one day I decided to buy an iPad Mini 2. In that moment I discovered the big difference that existed between Android for tablets and iOS iPad - now called iPad OS. Then came a 2017 iPad and finally the iPad Pro I'm writing this article with.

Is there so much difference between an iPad and an Android tablet? Well yes and we don't mean in terms of hardware. A few months ago I had the pleasure of analyzing the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, a magnificent high-end tablet with keyboard and S Pen, a rival more than worthy of the best iPad.

The problem is once again Android. Despite all the endless possibilities that Android offers us and also Samsung's apps in the case of the Galaxy Tab S6 or the DeX mode itself, Google's operating system is not really used for tablet devices, especially if we want to make a more professional use.

On the other hand and with the excuse of confinement, I set aside my personal computer to work exclusively with my iPad Pro and the truth is that it won from the first minute. No, an iPad does not completely replace a computer (in my case it does not allow me to do certain procedures with the Administration) but for many users it could be more than enough. Better battery than a laptop, easier to carry and above all, a multitude of high quality apps and tools at our disposal, without forgetting the versatility that the Apple Pencil offers us to underline texts or write freehand.

The iPad is the best tablet on the market without any discussion

Is the iPad the best product for telecommuting or for students? Surely for most users the answer is yes. It is no less true that Microsoft's Surface is an excellent product, not for nothing they are still complete computers with all the good and bad that that entails, but they are also priced much higher.

And as much as iPads are said to be expensive products, that won't be true. You don't need an iPad Pro to get the best iPad experience because Apple has much less expensive devices that work great.

For example, browsing the web we can find the latest 10,2-inch iPad for only 330 euros, or over 70 euros off the official price. Additionally, we can buy an Apple Pencil to make our experience better, and we can also take advantage of wireless keyboards and connect a mouse to the iPad to turn it into something like a computer.

The truth is that Google should learn from Apple in this regard, but due to the time that has passed and the big G hasn't moved, tablet lovers have no other choice. than keep betting on the iPad

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