Then you can use your Xiaomi My Band 4 to unlock your computer

If you are one of those who have a Windows computer at home and in turn use the wonderful Xiaomi Mi Band in your daily life, we leave you an interesting trick below. Because surely every time you turn on your computer you will have to type a code or enter a password to access your content. But what if we told you that you can do the same simply by having your Mi Band on your wrist? Let's find out how.

How to unlock your computer with your Xiaomi Mi Band

Then you can use your Xiaomi My Band 4 to unlock your computer

Xiaomi's bracelet is still one of the most recommended.

  • The first thing we must obviously have is the Mi Fit app installed on our mobile device. Once inside this app we will access the Mi Band settings via the English profile option.
  • Here we click on the «Lab» tab and activate the option «Unlock My NoteBook»
  • Here is the step you need to be vigilant about. We have to enter the Microsoft Store of Windows and download the app called "My Blaze Unlock". It may happen that depending on the region you are in, said app doesn't appear, but don't worry, this one has an easy fix. You just have to go into the Windows 10 settings and change your region to China, in this way we will trick our computer and the application in question will appear for download. Don't forget, once downloaded, to return to your region.
  • Apriremo «My Blaze Unlock» e we're going to pair our bracelet with our computer.
  • end of the tutorial.

In this way and in a few minutes we will have configured the Xiaomi Mi Band so that every time we turn on our Windows computer, we can unlock it simply by having the bracelet nearby. As we can see and for only 30 euros, the Xiaomi smart bracelet has many uses and that is without a doubt we are facing one of the best technological products we can acquire.

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