These are Xiaomi's best pet products

Xiaomi has an immense catalog in which we can find products of almost all types. From smartphones to kitchen gadgets, vacuum robots and even sports shoes.

These are Xiaomi's best pet products

This time we come with a new product category, those that were designed for our pets. These are some of the most interesting gadgets created by Xiaomi and that you can buy for your faithful companion.

Xiaomi also thinks about our pets

These are Xiaomi's best pet products

  • Pet hair clipper a 20,46 euro (PVP 22,74 euro)
  • Flexible strap with LED a 43,03 euro (RRP 75,05 euro)
  • Deodorant and air purifier at € 16,81 (recommended price € 20)
  • Pen to UV sterilization a 22,14 euro (RRP 25,44 euro)
  • Water dispenser by 5,93 euro
  • Pet water bottle 15,69 to EUR
  • Transport cage for 67,91 euros

In this selection we can find very different gadgets. From a hair clipper, which has an adjustable head and an autonomy of 40 minutes, on a strap with LED lights and a circular handle which has the task of evenly distributing the tension.

There are also items designed for hygiene, such as an air purifier and even a disinfection device which is based on the ultraviolet radiation. It is light and comfortable, includes a USB charger and even a small carrying case.

There is no shortage of other basic but very interesting products, such as a automatic water dispenser, a water bottle from which your pet it can be drunk easily and also a modern transport cage from the totally different and comfortable design for our comrades.

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