They don't answer me on Tinder

They don't answer me on Tinder

A few months ago we wrote an article with some free tricks to find out who gave them the coveted match on Tinder and who gave a lot to talk about because of the creativity or rather, the mischief of the tricks. Well, this time at Practical we want to be heroes without cloaks, thus solving the following anxieties: They don't answer me on TInder o, They don't answer me on Tinder where it will be explained, some of the most important causes of this unfortunate misfortune and along with these, some tasty tips to remedy those causes, stimulate a response or resume the conversation on Tinder without having to die trying.

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They don't answer me on Tinder [CLARIFICATION]

In honor of the truth, there are a huge wide variety of causes or reasons why a person on Tinder doesn't deign to reply or continue a conversation with you and these reasons can be very justified (has it to do with you or the conversation ) and they don't notice it, but it can also be the most banal reasons, incomprehensible or, all a mystery that has no solution, so don't worry about it, ok.

They don't answer me or don't answer me on Tinder [CAUSES and RECOMMENDATIONS]

Now, having said the above, we want to leave below some of these causes or reasons that could be the cause or reasons for your misfortune on Tinder and along with these, we will attach some tasty initial and advanced tips that you can implement (if they have any) so who identify their problem or problems on Tinder, find a solution and do just fine on Tinder, review them carefully and apply the solutions.

Boring conversation or lack of connection [Justified Causes]

Being completely honest, boring conversation (with no destination) and lack of chemistry or connection are one of the big paths in Tinder that cause a large portion of users to either leave a conversation or not respond to messages they receive on Tinder.

Enhance Conversation & Generate Connection [Initial Tips #1] XNUMX]

First of all, they should take into account these initial recommendations that although they are logical or reasonable, many Tinder users do not apply them much and then regrets come.

  • Write more and leave monosyllables:

They should forget the monosyllables (examples: hello, yes, no, well, well, yeah, etc.) they are the most bland, cold and cutting edge in a Tinder conversation, they won't achieve anything with them. Instead, they should write a line or a few lines of text without shyness or pedantry, work hard to develop an idea or discuss something in an attractive and ingenious way.

  • Improve your spelling and writing:

Along with the above, they need to improve their spelling and writing so that their conversation is readable, stands out and in this way they project a good impression on Tinder which is worth and worth a lot when it comes to relating.

  • Be polite and courteous:

In addition to the previous points, whether they are gentlemen or ladies when relating or interacting with other users on Tinder (do not give the impression of being at a fair or getting out of jail), the idea is always to make a good impression and lazy compliments and easy or the compliments that everyone says (example: you're pretty, you're beautiful, I like you), will lead to ruin… Yes, they can say compliments… But they should be original, decent, intelligent or different from what other mortals say.

  • Don't go so fast:

Another aspect or recommendation to consider is basically to go slow or at the pace of the conversation you are having, don't rush things or get stubborn meeting now… Let things flow, enjoy the conversation and don't reply to a text right away, which will only project despair…. Either way, go slow like the Julieta Venegas song and you'll see things happen by themselves if there's chemistry.

Enhance Conversation & Generate Connection [Advanced Tips #2] XNUMX]

Once you have analyzed the initial recommendations, it's time to compare the advanced recommendations that will give them the necessary incentive for their conversations to become really attractive and tasty as they correspond.

  • Connect with each other:

Once they assume that monosyllables should not be written, they will have to write a few lines of text and for this nothing better than being inspired by adding and transmitting - without fear or shame - some emotion, to achieve a certain complicity, the chemistry or the precious connection that it is worth a lot and is appreciated.

Example # 1: I love cats, I had one… Her name is Anastasia and she was the most cuddly, at night -while she was sleeping- she always climbed onto my bed and curled up next to me, how I miss her… Hmmm how does it feel to call your cat ? are you joking?

Example of starting conversation n. 2: Hi » username «, we have a match! Well, it seems we have no choice but to talk, get to know each other and be happy… Shall we try?

  • Be curious, ask, give information:

In addition to writing and conveying emotion, they have to make sure that those lines of text are answered and nothing better for that than asking an open-ended question or generating a little debate that stimulates that precious answer. A good tip here is to look closely at the photos and bio to get something for this purpose.

Example # 1: Wow… What a landscape and what a sunset, it must be wonderful to be there… By the way, how far is it from the country's capital? And on the other hand, is it a safe place?

Example # 2: So you would like to learn salsa dancing… I have some good advice for you. It turns out that a couple of blocks from my house there is a place where they give salsa lessons that is quite good and I think if you see it, you will like it… Want to know more?

  • Become irresistible, try…:

A last recommendation, and no less important for this one, is to add, season or dress the conversation with a real “sebum” that can be the kick-start for something really stimulating or provocative that arouses interest and emotion in the conversation. The following jiws are useful when you've already texted a bit and have some confidence, as well as a good way to catch up on a missed conversation and then, never say it again: they don't reply to me on Tinder.

Tallow example #1: Hmmm… I have to tell you something, can I trust you?

Tallow Sample No. 2: I have a good plan… Are you ready to find out?

Tallow example #3: Yesterday I was walking and I remembered you, do you want to know why?

More Attractive Conversations and People [Justified Causes]

To tell the truth, many conversations go unanswered on Tinder because the interlocutor has had more than one correspondence as well as more than one conversation with other users and this or these have become quite interesting and attractive because of this, your conversation has been overlooked but on Plus, many people come back to review your profile and either re-screen, discard, or lose interest.

Enhance your photos and bio [Recommendation]

It should be noted or recommended here that you should always take the time to take or choose the best photos for your profile on Tinder because this way they will attract much more attention and the people you have matched with will not ignore you in a conversation. So, forget those photos of you waking up looking disheveled and dirty, those photos in the bathroom or showing something you don't have or is.

In addition to the above, it is always good to complete the profile by writing an interesting, powerful and attractive bio that complements your Tinder photos and thus projects more seriousness and commitment in wanting to meet someone.

Of course, optimizing a Tinder profile with photos and a good description doesn't guarantee that your match or matches will fall to your feet, but it can greatly help you get more matches, conversations don't get lost, and can come to fruition. Never again will they say, they don't reply to me on tinder or, they don't reply to me on tinder.

Busy person, without time or with laziness · [Trivial and unjustified causes]

Finally, it is possible to record in this article some causes that have nothing to do with you own. Many people join Tinder, but they don't have the time to actually interact with someone, they entered simply out of curiosity, they regret interacting with people or whatever, they are lazy and lazy to start a conversation on Tinder or support over time.

So, as a last word, don't worry about not receiving a response from one or a few users on Tinder, other people will arrive with whom you can talk and apply these suggestions that we have given you and which will serve as a ring on your finger to relate on Tinder and not you have to say: they don't answer me on tinder or they don't answer me on tinder, good luck.

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