This was my experience with an unknown Chinese cellphone

I am a daredevil. Before moving on to the easy life and buying an iPhone, I loved tinkering with smartphones, rooting, changing ROMs… come on, the typical thing that was fashionable in 2013-2014. Aside from that, the my economy was not very good and I always had to bet on fairly cheap terminals.

And the truth is, Motorola broke the low-end market with its first Moto G, but in my madness, I decided to go for something exotic. One day, browsing a well-known forum on the Internet, I signed up for a joint of a Chinese device. If I remember correctly it was about 140 euros for a terminal called MLAIS MX58 which on paper and with the specifications it mounted seemed a perfect device. But no, it didn't go very well.

This was my experience with an unknown Chinese cellphone

This was my experience with an unknown Chinese cellphone

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This device was supposed to replace my Samsung Galaxy SCL, which I have already told you about on more than one occasion. The MLAIS MX58 was a 5-inch terminal with 1280 x 720 resolution, 1 GB of RAM, 4 GB of internal memory, MediaTek 6589T processor, a 12 megapixel camera, Android 4.2 version and a 2.500 mAh battery.

The specs, even if they are not that great nowadays, at the time (if I remember correctly we are talking about summer 2013) were spectacular and even more for that price. The phone was large, beautiful, and had a large screen. Now, it is it was nonsense from the beginning to the end of his life and, honestly, it wasn't very long.

The phone performs well in terms of performance, but it had a lot of bugs. From time to time the device would turn off without it coming to my mind. You had him in your trouser pocket, you took him for something and you realized he was out. Without any kind of explanation. At least once a day. To make matters worse, his drums made him laugh and if he arrived at noon he had to thank. To make matters worse one day listening to music on YouTube, the speaker stopped working. This happened within a few months of purchase, so luckily the supplier was good enough and sent me a new speaker so I could change it. It was a time when disassembling a phone was really easy, so it wasn't really hard even for a clumsy guy like me.

All this without forgetting its initial configuration. And if you root to delete all Chinese stock apps, and if you installed a bunch of apps so that GPS works fine ... so with everything, nothing to turn it on and forget about it. You had to spend enough hours to prepare it.

Obviously the phone hasn't received an update in its entire life. It is the risk of betting on these types of brands, that Chinese manufacturers will forget about these devices as soon as they enter the market. This means that all the bugs it has dragged have never been fixed. Also, cooking with MediaTek processors was virtually impossible at the time, so this device didn't get the support of any chef.

In short, a year after spending around 140-150 euros, I had to switch terminals and buy the Motorola Moto G of 2014. The moral is that I wanted to take a risk with a cheap device with good features and in the end I received a device that was honestly a real rubbish. Don't be like me, bet on recognized brands and you won't have any problems.

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