Tinder repeats profiles or people

Tinder repeats profiles or people

If on more than one occasion they have accessed their Tinder account and moving profiles they have found more than one profile or a person who has already moved it on another occasion. So, stay here… We will give you an answer to that intrigue or doubt that some have already reported in different forums or on the web. Well, the following article called: Tinder repeats profiles or people has the objective of clarifying this mess and therefore -the curious and interested-, can be clarified on this subject and better adhere to the functioning of this App to meet people and flirt.

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Tinder repeats profiles or people [CLARIFICATION]

First of all, and without further ado, we want to tell you that effectively when you use Tinder you can meet people that you have seen or swiped before (by liking or not) and also and on some occasions you can find some people more than ever … Then you can calm down, it wasn't an illusion and you're not losing your mind

Now, having clarified the above, it is pertinent to expose the alleged causes of this situation of repeating profiles on Tinder, which incidentally, generates great surprise and concern in Tinder users, as it is understood that a profile viewed or swiped on Tinder should not reappear.

Tinder repeats profiles or people [CAUSES]

In fairness, Tinder's algorithm is a mystery and while some have tried to break it down and find out a few things about how it works, it's hard to give reliable certainties about something that isn't adequately known.

However, and with common sense, we can explain a certain cause and others that we believe may cause this situation of finding some profiles or people on Tinder two, three or more times, read them carefully.

Seeing a profile on Tinder again – JUST CAUSE #1 XNUMX: new account on Tinder

One of the reasons why profiles are repeated on Tinder is because one or more people deleted their Tinder account and after a while they create a new Tinder account again and for this reason or reasons they can see that or those profiles or people again on tinder with the same photos and description they uploaded in this new profile or, with other photos and another description, this is a real lawsuit.

Seeing a profile on Tinder again – SPECULATIVE CAUSE #2: “I like it”

On the other hand, a speculative cause of this situation could be that the person or people who appeared to them more than once on Tinder gave a «I like it» to their profile and one way or another, Tinder's algorithm does its own and shows them that or those users again the moment they swipe profiles with such, to promote that coveted match between two people on Tinder.

True, it can be a pretty bad option that that app's algorithm could make sure that they know who likes them on Tinder, they'll have to check it.

Seeing a profile on Tinder again – SPECULATIVE CAUSE # 3: game eliminated

Another cause that is speculative and which I believe happened to me, can arise from those users who matched on Tinder and for some mysterious reason, the person they matched with deleted the match they found with you and for this reason, it is possible that the Tinder algorithm may delete that profile from your Tinder swipe history and therefore, that or those people who gave a Match in future Tinder swipes may reappear, is a possible cause…

Seeing a profile on Tinder again – SPECULATIVE CAUSE # 4: few users

Another speculative cause of this situation can be highlighted, is that you simply live in a sparsely populated place or, without many Tinder users, your searches are in limited radius or perimeters and you make frequent use of the service, thus getting that Tinder no You have no choice but to upload or show some other profile that has already appeared on Tinder at the moment of the swipe and this, it is understandable that it happens.

Seeing a profile on Tinder again – SPECIAL CAUSE #5 XNUMX: Swipes expire

A reasonable and worthy reason to record, could be that from time to time the swipes on Tinder expire or expire and for this reason the Tinder algorithm returns to show some profiles that at some point they were able to swipe and autonomously, if they have been given a like or other, previously rejecting them.

Seeing a profile on Tinder again – SPECIAL CAUSE #6 XNUMX: Tinder activity

A last speculative cause, and not the least for this one, has to do with the high activity in Tinder that some users have and that in one way or another it is rewarded in Tinder and for this reason it is possible that they are displayed some profiles that have already slipped into another occasion or occasion, is a possibility.

Finally, it is true that it causes a certain strangeness and suspects meeting a profile that has already been seen on Tinder knowing that this should not happen. However, if Tinder repeats profiles or people, it's not something that causes problems and should be taken as an opportunity to see if seeing that person or people again changes their mind and thus results, as the eighth grader would say: » unintentionally wanting » the desired Match with that person or user who had already been seen in swipes on Tinder.

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