Twitter alternative

Twitter alternative

Are there alternatives to Twitter? Ah, you've also been asked… Yes, there are interesting alternatives to the Twitter social network that are worth knowing about and using accordingly. Well, in Practical we want to present the following article: Alternative a Twitter o, the best alternatives to Twitter where we will give an account of the options on Twitter that currently exist and in addition to that, we will leave other similar or similar alternatives that may be to your liking and we bet that more than one you do not know, review each of the options (you will like the last one).

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Alternatives to Twitter [OPTION #1: Mastodon]

The first option is a free, decentralized social network very similar to how Twitter works called Mastodon which does not have many restrictions and which has long positioned itself as the open rival of the bird's social network and to use it, the first thing they should do is sign up for Mastodon here and after, they have "the door open" to take the first steps and make them your own in this interesting option on Twitter, try it and make it known among your contacts

Alternatives to Twitter [OPTION #2: Gab]

A second option is a social network called Gab which has concentrated the interest and participation of a significant sector of like-minded Internet users who are a bit overwhelmed by Twitter moderation. To use this social network, it will be enough for them to enter Gab and create an account, after which they can live in Gab, make themselves known with a maximum limit of 300 characters, called "gabs", we just have to extend the invitation to use it.

Alternative to Twitter [OPZIONE #3: Talk]

This third alternative is a microblogging and social networking service called Speak, very similar in its operation and architecture or design to Twitter and the previous Gab option, has become popular to give its users more freedom, something that has been a boon in these times.. To use it, you basically need to create a Parler account and with that, you can post, follow other users and be followed accordingly, check it out and try it, you might like it.

Alternatives to Twitter [OPTION #4: Sina Weibo]

Another option to compare is one that comes from China called Sina Weibo, which is a kind of social network more similar to Facebook than Twitter and whose main users are from China, it can also be said that it has characteristics similar to Twitter, which makes it easy to use. To use it, it is essential to create an account and for this and its subsequent use it is advisable to do so in its English version (search for it via » weibo english «) if you do not know Chinese. If you are a little curious or interested in the world of Eastern Orbit, then go ahead and use Sina Weibo.

Alternatives to Twitter [OPTION #5: Plurk]

Digging through other alternatives to Twitter, we find a colorful social network and microblog called Plurk that allows its users to express themselves in 140-character messages in chronological order just like Twitter, it is very popular in Taiwan, Indonesia, the Philippines and the United States , another interesting thing is that fortunately it is available in our Italian language and for this reason there is nothing left to do but extend an invitation so that they can register on Plurk and try this option on Twitter.

Other alternatives similar to Twitter [OPTION #6: similar to Twitter]

Finally, we want to add in this article of Twitter alternatives other similar or similar options that can perfectly attract you and suit your interests or tastes.

Q&A social network

First, we include some social networks that rely on questions that people anonymously ask users and answer in some way, both questions and answers appear chronologically. Among these options, one note is (register for Ask here) but also, and no less important, a call has appeared overwhelmingly , come on Sarahah (register for Sarahah here) e Tellonym.

Other optional social networks

Now, and to close this article, we can mention some social networks that, although they are not similar to Twitter, attract people because of the format and what can be found in these options.

For example, a service called Clubhouse has recently appeared which has the particularity that communication is by voice, so if you prefer to use the language and not the keyboard, this could be your option.

In this list, we cannot fail to mention a social network called MeWe which, unlike the other alternatives to Twitter, has become known for being much stricter in its moderation, thus being an incentive for the harmony and safety of its users and of his community.

Another interesting social network to review is called Amino, which allows its users to meet in communities based on their interests. It should be noted here that there are many other online services, social networks, forums and others that have the goal of generating communities around a theme such as cinema, anime, music, art, books or other interests, it is about searching for them and it will surely be found

In this way, we have concluded this article of best alternatives to twitter and we hope you liked some of them and by the way if we have forgotten one or some options on twitter we would like you to comment them in the comment below It will help all and we will gladly add them.

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