Uber or Cabify? Which one is best to work with? How much do you earn?

And if that happens late at night, the bad time that happens is worse. For this reason there is now a new method to contact a private transport, through applications it is now possible to request the Taxi service anytime, anywhere to come and save you from wherever you are.

Of course, this is a method adopted by most developed countries, so it is not available in others. And of course this turned into a great job opportunity for many. And this is where it is worth asking, where is it best to work?

The best known and most trusted of these apps that offer private transport services are Uber and Cabify, however, which one is best to work with considering salary and hiring? To find out, read on and find out.

What is the difference between Uber and Cabify?

The business models between Uber and Cabify are quite different, while Uber has an artificial intelligence system in which the user connects to the application looking for a driver nearby, Cabify uses big data capable of knowing the tastes and needs of its users and offer personalized services based on them.Uber or Cabify? Which one is best to work with? How much do you earn?

Uber has focused on expanding its range of services, ranging from food service to electric car transportation services to Tesla brand. Meanwhile, Cabify focuses on providing better service to each customer, that's where the different branches like Cabify Baby, Cabify Executive, Cabify Group, among others come from.

What are the requirements to be a driver?

da Uber

The first thing to do is to create an account on UBER. This transport sector does not require shifts, hours of work or exclusivity. However, in Spain a criminal record certificate is required as a requirement, having the insured car, have a public transport license (VTC), be registered as an employee in a vehicle company, among other requirements. All these requirements benefit the user, as this ensures greater safety and reliability.

By Cabify

Working in this sector is a bit more complex, because require more effort. As for exclusivity, only non-competition is required. To start working you need to log into their website. Between the procedures, a commercial service contract is entered into and are contracted through a social security scheme. In the case of an autonomous driver, it is also necessary to have a VTC and driving license.Uber or Cabify? Which one is best to work with? How much do you earn?


How much do you make on Uber?

The money you earn it depends on you, depending on how often you drive, where you drive and how long it takes you to do it. Of course, the pay also varies depending on whether you work at Uber as a delivery boy or as a driver. Also, there are promotions that will greatly increase your earnings if you take advantage of them. Each fare is different and you need to know how to calculate it, depending on your location, the work you do, as well as the duration and distance of the trip.

One of the conditions is to complete a specific number of trips within the stipulated time in which the offer is available. And another condition is an additional cost in the areas and times when there is more demand. Tip can be done via the app, depending on the quality of the service, the driver will receive 100% of this payment via the app.

There are no major complications when receiving payments, only a bank account is required. You can collect every week, and it's even better if customers pay in cash, because you'll collect the money instantly and Uber will tell you how much you owe the corresponding percentage. Uber charges 25% commission for each ride.

How much do you make at Cabify?

Cabify also offers payment based on the amount of work you do and when you do it. Cabify's basic service is 1,65 euros per km (the first 20 km) and 1,05 after the 21 km. Also, you earn more money during peak hours and there are promotions. Payments are regular and one charges 20% commission.

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