Updated list of MHL compatible mobile phones - Find them all

In the case of the connection MHL, is the one integrated into a selective group of devices that allows you to connect smartphones to other larger screens.

Although several methods have been demonstrated in which companies are responsible for transmitting content, this connection is characterized by a high quality of reproduction.

Clearly this is an advantage on small and large screen devices, but sadly this technology it is not yet enabled on all mobile phones.

What is the MHL connection about?

The term MHL is the grouping of the initials of Mobile High-Definition Link it is, as the name suggests, a high definition link that mobile devices (phones or tablets) have to stream to a television.

Its goal is to allow the user to view multimedia content stored on the mobile without losing video quality. This connection has many advantages that you should know about.

Although many devices currently have the ability to connect via HDMI cables to a TV, this technology allows you to maintain picture and sound quality.

What benefits can you get if you have MHL compatible mobile devices?

It is a method that begins to exploit its potential. However, for the experiences offered to date, the advantages are established as follows:

Updated list of MHL compatible mobile phones - Find them all


  • You can broadcast high definition images and sounds without the need to compress or edit videos, supporting 4K and 8K content.
  • Use the control or the TV remote control to navigate between the options and contents of the Smartphone that has been connected.
  • You view all the contents of your mobile from the connected Smart TV or monitor screen, including movies, videos, series, music and video games.
  • Since it allows the video game broadcasting, during playback on your smartphone you will be able to view it on your TV on a larger screen with excellent picture quality.
  • While streaming the content of your mobile you will be able to charge its battery, because remains charged with a power that reaches 40W.

Requirements for using the MHL connection

Primarily, make sure your device is compatible with this type of connection, as not all MHL cables are suitable for all mobile phones.

After making sure your phone supports the cable you purchased, check that your Smart TV has the essential HDMI MHL port to make the connection.

Updated list of MHL compatible mobile phones - Find them all

From now on, you just have to make sure to connect both ends of the cable to the TV and to the microUSB input of the mobile phone, to press the control button that indicates " Source / Input »Where you will select the» MHL Ticket ”Of your TV.


List of MHL compatible mobile phones for the year 2020

The organization that created this technology has taken care of enabling a web page where the list of compatible devices is constantly updated.


  • Alcatel One Touch 997.
  • Alcatel One Touch 997D.
  • Alcatel One Touch S800.


  • HTC 0P6B100.
  • HTC One.
  • HTC Jetstream.
  • HTC Raider.


  • Huawei 403 HW.
  • Huawei MediaPad 7 (S10-102L e S10-103L).
  • Huawei P6 S-U06.
  • Huawei U9200.


  • LG Nitro HD.
  • LG Optimus 3D Max.
  • LG Optimus GJ (LG-E975W).


  • Oppo Find 3.


  • Samsung Galaxy Express.
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note.
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S (8, 4 e 10,5 pollici).
  • Samsung SPH-L720T.


  • Telefono Xiaomi 2 (Xiaomi Mi 2)


  • ZTE Grand Era LTE.
  • ZTE Grand S LTE.
  • ZTE Nubia Z5.
  • ZTE U970.

If you don't own any of the phones we mentioned, don't worry, there are other ways to check if your device is compatible with the MHL cable.

Currently, you can also find other ways to connect your mobile device to the TV screen on the market, for example by mirroring your phone screen to a Smart TV or Google Chromecast device.

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