Using Airtags on Android: Compatibility and everything known about it

Apple unveiled AirTag at its hardware event on March 20, as a new product designed to avoid losing common items such as keys, backpacks, purses or purses. For their low price of just 35 euros, these small devices have become the big favorites of Apple's latest unveiling event, and there is no doubt that they will be among i products Apple's best sellers for this year.

But… what about those people who use android phones? Will they be able to use AirTags with their devices or will they be forced to resort to one of the alternatives to AirTags in circulation? Let's go through everything we know.

Using Airtags on Android: Compatibility and everything known about it

Apple AirTag con logo Android.

AirTags are not compatible with Android, but ...

Like most of the location tag already available on the market, the AirTags use various technologies that allow its localization. On the one hand, the Bluetooth it is used to make the association to our mobile phone or tablet and for find the tag when it is within a radius of several meters. The "Find" function is also enabled, which takes advantage of the existence of hundreds of millions of iPhone, Mac and iPad devices around the world to triangulate the position of a lost AirTag.

On the other hand, the ultra-wideband connectivity thanks to the Apple U1 chip, which gives the possibility of perform a precision search, even indoors.

But despite using "universal" technologies such as Bluetooth or Ultra Wide Band, AirTag can only be used with iOS devices. Apple itself has confirmed that the accessories must be configured through the "Search" application, available only on iPhone and iPad. Therefore, it is not possible associate an AirTag with an Android device.

Using Airtags on Android: Compatibility and everything known about it

AirTags include NFC which allow you to read their content with any mobile phone.

However, in a support article published by Apple, the company did reference to the compatibility of AirTag with Android in a specific situation.

And is that Apple has come up with a way it can facilitate the search for the lost item. : Is the user of an AirTag activates the "lost mode", its NFC chip will be enabled, and it will be possible read it using any device with NFC, including Android phones.

Therefore, when an NFC-enabled device is brought close to the AirTag, it will open a web page with the serial number of the tag, as well as the user's contact information who has lost the object in question.

Therefore, if you were thinking of purchasing an AirTag to use with your Android mobile, it would be better to look for an alternative. If instead find an AirTag somewhere, try to bring your Android phone with NFC activated. You may end up making someone happy if you do.

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