What are badoo superpowers

What are badoo superpowers

One of the things, or rather, a resource that may be interesting to activate on Badoo, are the » superpowers » as they provide users who use them with some benefits necessary to promote their online social interaction, thus giving them a real plus. relationship to those who have not activated it.

In this way, a situation that can distress the members of this social network to meet people and establish relationships online are the few possibilities of establishing communications and making themselves visible in some way, both on a general level and specifically towards some users of interest and it is that's why badoo's superpowers can be a real joker or a trump card when you need a little help to stimulate interaction with other users.

Well, in the text that follows as a tutorial we will briefly explain what advantages this utility can provide on badoo, how to activate it on your profile and certainly tell you its cost and the forms of payment to use it.

Benefits of Badoo super powers

Activating badoo superpowers grants or enables interesting benefits that interested users can use and which are as follows:

  • You can find out who has added you to their favorites folder: that is, with superpowers you will be able to reveal which badoo users have added you only to their favorites list, by clicking on your favorites folder and then on who you add your favorites to and voilà!
  • You can know who likes you: with active superpowers you will be able to find out those users who have marked in the dating section that they really like you.
  • You will be able to make yourself invisible: with superpowers you will be able to visit different profiles invisibly and don't worry, those users won't be able to know who visited them at all.
  • Chat with new users: Superpowers will allow you to chat immediately with that user or with those who have just registered and you will not have to wait for the time to open to the public with him or those specific users.
  • Make your messages the first to be read: you can put your message or messages in the first position (most visible) and so the user or users you wrote to can see and reply to you in the badoo chat.
  • Chat with the most popular users: superpowers will allow you to start a conversation or chat with those users who are the most popular on badoo and who have a full message folder and without the superpowers you would not be able to start a conversation.

How to Activate Badoo Super Powers | Step 1

As a first step, they have to enter their badoo user profile by accessing the badoo website and then, write their respective email and password in the boxes and finally, click the Submit button (in case they log in with this system or not, via Facebook or cell phone).

How to Activate Badoo Super Powers | Step 2

Then, to log into your Badoo account, you need to click on an icon where the letter appears » S «, located in the left sidebar (if you're on a desktop computer).

How to Activate Badoo Super Powers | Step 3

With the previous click, a new page will open where you indicate in general terms the benefits of superpowers in Badoo and to activate it just click on the central button that says Activate now.

How to Activate Badoo Super Powers | Step 4

With the previous action a page is displayed where they indicate on the left (if they are on desktop computers) all the options that you have to pay and then activate the Badoo Superpowers in your account and which are the following: Sofort, Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Maestro, Diners, Discover), Send message, Giropay, Paysafe, Bitcoint.

Nota 1 | In relation to payments, it can be said that there are options for payments of 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months each, with a certain price. In the attached image you can see the prices, however, they are values ​​of a moment and these can in fact vary or change over time, that's why, if you intend to use this resource, do not trust the values ​​indicated in this photograph but those that show them precisely, badoo in the payment options that appear there.

Finally, you have to choose the option that suits you best to initiate and process the corresponding payment and once the payment is made, it will be activated immediately, the badoo superpowers and that superpowers icon on your profile will activate and turn off in color. Before using badoo without superpowers, I advise you to learn how to use this social network and then, after studying the benefits of superpowers in depth, activate it and use it, good luck.

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