What are the best applications for having two free phone numbers?

Using two phone numbers can be very useful, but you need to use certain applications to make the most of them. It is for this reason that today we bring you the tutorial to know What are the best applications to have two free phone numbers?

If you want to use efficiently two phone numbers on the same mobile phone, it is better to enable the port to use these numbers with various applications, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. This can be easily achieved by using the free applications that we can find in the Play Store.

What are the best applications for having two free phone numbers?

It is possible to have a extra phone number (temporary) if that's what you need, for this we will use the Burner application, an application that offers the possibility of obtaining a phone number for a limited time. You can purchase it from the Burner Official Site by selecting your operating system.

This application is especially useful for creating a new WhatsApp account or similar actions where a secondary number is required. In recent times, the application has even integrated the possibility of obtaining an extra telephone number in perpetuity, even if this option is subject to a fee.

Regardless of the reasons, you can use Burner to get an additional phone number, which can be especially useful if you've already used your phone number. It should be noted that in order to use this service, it is necessary to pay the full license.

What are the best applications for having two free phone numbers?

Why should i use two phone numbers?

If you have a mobile with two SIM slots or use an App like the previous one, you can use two phone numbers, which could be very useful. Have two phone numbers it is essential for people who use social networks, since in this way they have their own personal number and their own company number.

Applications like WhatsApp they use the phone number to register, but unfortunately it is not possible to use two phone numbers natively. Therefore, to have two WhatsApp accounts on a single mobile phone, it will be necessary to follow some precautions. For this, there are some tools that will facilitate this process and it is one of those programs that we will introduce to you today.

If you want to use multiple application accounts, Parallel Space is the solution

On the other hand, if you want more WhatsApp or Facebook, it's better to use Parallel Space. parallel Space it is one of the best known applications for having the same application several times; something that will allow us to use two phone numbers, two different accounts or two different emails in the same App.

This is especially useful if you manage a personal account and a corporate account; or if you already have multiple accounts in a specific application.

Using Parallel Space it is possible to integrate the same application several times without having to have different devices.

This feature is particularly useful in the case of WhatsApp, an application that requires the use of our phone number. With Parallel Space you will remove the limitation of having only one account Whatsapp, on the other hand it is possible to have 2, 3 or more accounts on the same device using this application.

What are the best applications for having two free phone numbers?

Download this app as follows

One of the most interesting aspects of Parallel Space is that it is completely free, so you can use two phone numbers at no cost, for applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and other apps.

If you want to download and use the application, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Google app store, also known as Play Store. Although you can also visit the App directly from the Parallel Space link in the Play Store.
  2. Once you are inside this application, go to the search engine and type in Parallel Space. When the results are displayed, click on the application.
  3. Now you just have to click on the option Install and wait for the application to download to be able to use it.

If, on the other hand, you want to learn even more about this tool and have or install two identical applications on Android more easily, you can visit the guide provided in the previous link.

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