What are the best cheap Xbox One gaming headsets or headsets?

The Xbox one is one of the consoles of the moment, this is at the forefront and still has a lot to offer giving us, with its titles, experiences closer to real life. To make them better, there are gaming headsets, but what are the best cheap gaming headsets or headsets for xbox one?

Every player knows that an experience is not complete without the headphones accompanying her, whether it's talking to friends, enemies or just shutting up and enjoying the good game you're in, the right headphones are everything

A question of style, price and taste

To find the best cheap gaming headset or headset for Xbox One as simple as resetting your password in Epic Games, we can't just look at the brand or how they look, it goes way beyond. The most important factor will always be how they sound, good headphones are in the audible frequency range 20Hz and 20KHz to our hate.

They must also respect how each instrument of a soundtrack or sound in general sounds and the composition details. Obviously it must be taken into account that, in many games, and also many headphones, they add loud sounds to improve the experience, such as increasing the bass in war games.


What are the best cheap Xbox One gaming headsets or headsets?

The effectiveness in its design

The design of a hearing aid is essential for its proper functioning, first of all it must surround the entire ear, so that no external sound enter to improve the experience you are looking for.

The hearing aid most used by gamers and therefore the most popular model among manufacturers is the Circumaural, which meets the requirements set out above. To know which are the best cheap gaming headsets or headsets for Xbox One, you also need to look at comfort del design.

The Circumaural model is very comfortable because the pads cover the entire ear dividing the pressure of the headphones between the headband and the bearings. So spending hours in them is not uncomfortable.

The microphone

A good microphone is always required in headphones, as your complete communication with other users of yours almost depends on it community of players.

Although most are not fussy, and as long as the hearing aid serves to send what you say to a receiver, it should be noted that the best quality hearing aids on the market have a system that actively cancels noise to improve quality.

Both tools, both the microphone and the headphones are the main allies for online games, such as putting and playing GTA 5 online with PS4, Xbox and PC or even creating a Counter Strike server to play online.

Wireless o cablato

This factor is for everyone, as the best cheap Xbox One gaming headsets or headsets usually have the cable, quelle wireless they are a little more expensive.

But what you really need to take into account is the relationship between the signal and noise, in addition to harmonic distortion, this must be low to be better. The only bad thing is that most companies hardly ever provide these last two figures.

What are the best cheap Xbox One gaming headsets or headsets?


Best cheap gaming headset or headset for Xbox One

Now a short list to choose from. With that, it's sure you'll know which ones to choose. Remember to respect what best suits your needs.

HyperX Cloud Stinger

At a low price (41,51 euros), they offer an impressive quality, are comfortable, lightweight, have a noise-canceling microphone and are made of faux leather. Also, all of its buttons are in the cup for added comfort and its connection is with the Jack.


This costs a lot less in case the other looks expensive (18 euros) has ergonomic padding and synthetic, its headband is flexible and weighs less than 250g, which makes it very comfortable.

Sades R3Black

Last but not least, the average model, which costs 27 euros, has memory foam ear cushions and has a neodymium magnetic driver from 40mm in sound, plus a noise-canceling microphone.

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