What are the best free applications to open all types of files on iPhone?

That is why this time we will share the best free apps which will help you view files of all kinds on iPhone.

What are the best free applications to open all types of files on iPhone?

Free apps to play audio

Music player

This application is a player that satisfies all its characteristics in an excellent way and one of its most important qualities is that it offers us an organized and impeccable interface, obtaining a quick adaptation. also if you want to have an equalizer you can get other alternatives for music players and visual effects for Android and iOS. 

It gives us the ability to customize its appearance and as an extra to be able to share on social networks like Twitter o Facebook what we are hearing or what we have saved.


An excellent application among the free ones available for iOS where it allows us to create groups and albums of our favorite music, as well as allowing us to have a widget in its notification panel that offers the service of being able to view the lyrics of the songs without having to access the application.

Free apps to play videos

VLC for mobile devices

A video player among the most famous that today has a mobile support with great experience in the market, which allows us to enjoy videos in various formats such as AVI, MKV e MP4, without the need to install an extension.

Extreme Player

A little-known application, but with great advantages and that meets all the requirements to become one of the best video players for iPhone. Its complete and elegant interface makes it unique and perfectly adaptable to our needs.

Infuse 6

An application that offers us a visually pleasing and intuitive interface that as users allows us to easily adapt to its utilities, this simple reader offers us interesting tools for free. We have found two versions, one is participation and the other is Banco Pro, where we have to pay a monthly subscription.

Free applications to view images

Google Photos

This application note is useful for iPhone devices, as it is supported on Android and iOS. Google Photos allows us to have a large gallery of functions in which we can organize our photos and videos by size, names and dates, as well as these will be stored in your Drive account, freeing up space on your mobile and if you wish you can download all your Google photos and videos to your mobile device.

Prisma photo editor

An elegant application that allows us to use a wide variety of filters for our photographs and whose main motto is to transform images into paintings. If you install this application on your iPhone you will fall in love with it from the first moment, as well as being compatible with all image formats.

Free applications to open text documents

Google Drive

This famous application that allows us to store files in the Drive cloud and where many users use it to view files from the same platform, the tools provided by this application are able to provide us with a reading in any file format.

Microsoft Word

One of the tools known and used for creating text documents and we understand that it is an invention of Windows, but currently iPhone users prefer it to their own application that iOS created for opening documents in. Doc. You can also edit Word documents and send them from your mobile to Gmail or WhatsApp. 

What are the best free applications to open all types of files on iPhone?

With these free applications you can enjoy your iPhone to the fullest and have excellent tools to open all types of documents, as well as view images, videos and play audio.

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