What are the best free applications to open files on Android?

What are the best free applications to open files on Android?

There are many types of files today, so you should consider some tools to open them depending on their nature. Some of the best programs for opening different files are:

What are the best free applications to open files on Android?

Cross player

While there are numerous lists of the best music players for Android, few think about audiovisual content. The truth is today watching movies and multimedia content it is very easy, before that it is better to use an appropriate program.

There are many very useful tools designed for playing videos and movies, in any case few are as efficient as MX Player, a player with many functions and excellent utilities.

Undoubtedly the most interesting features of MX Player reside in its ability to access a large number of different formats, modifications in terms of playback and a very efficient organization system, with which you can easily find your films, series or videos.

We highly recommend downloading MX Player in the Play Store, as it is your best ally when playing audiovisual content on your Android mobile.

Google documents

Another essential tool every Android user should have on their mobile devices is access to document tools, which allow them to open files from programs such as Microsoft Word. Although Microsoft has their own version of Office within Android, there is another great option as well.

We refer to Google Docs, an exceptional program with a minimum weight that will allow you to open multiple text files, edit them very efficiently and you can also share and edit a Google Docs document via email, as if it were from any desktop program. I'll try.

If you constantly need to create texts or edit them, no doubt the tool that Google provides us for this purpose it meets all expectations. We recommend this App for opening text files.


Another type of application that is indispensable for opening files are the so-called data compression and decompression tools. There are a lot of them, but it is better to choose the best options, which in this case it is ARR.

RAR presents us with a very simple system with which you can access all files compressed in formats such as ZIP or RAR. Likewise, you can also compress your documents for easier shipping and storage on your mobile device.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Another essential tool that everyone should have on their mobile is a PDF reader, in this case we recommend the tool of a lifetime, Adobe Acrobat Reader. Undoubtedly this App responds exceptionally to the purpose of opening PDF files on Android.

It is an application that needs no introduction and fortunately its version in the Google operating system is very efficient and functional. That's why we also recommend it if you want to open this type of file on your Android.

If you want to get it on your Android mobile, visit this Adobe Acrobat Reader link in the Play Store and start using this essential program on your device.

What are the best free applications to open files on Android?

A file manager you should also consider

On the other hand we have the File Manager, very functional programs that allow us to easily move between the folders of our mobile device and external memories.

One of the best tools on Android for this purpose is EZ File Explorer, it also has very interesting features. You can download EZ File Explorer in the Play Store, also note that the software allows you to open a multitude of files, such as images, videos and even documents.

In turn, using this application you can directly open files from a pendrive and USB drive that you connect to your mobile device. Without a doubt, it is an application that you should consider if you constantly use your mobile to open different files.

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