What are the best games to play without an internet connection on Android?

What are the best games to play without an internet connection on Android?

There are many video games that come out every day for Android platformAnyway, if you are looking for video games specially designed to play without the internet, the following are some of the best titles:

Angry Birds

It is impossible to talk about mobile video games without naming the famous Angry Birds, a video game in which you will use birds as catapults to take down structures and many other things.

It is undoubtedly one of the funniest video games in case you don't have an internet connection, you can find it for both Android devices and Apple phones. The game also had versions on consoles such as PlayStation 3, PSP or Wii.

Undoubtedly one of the most characteristic aspects of this video game is the strategy. Therefore, if you like this category, we present you the best strategy games without an Internet connection, great for relaxing and reflecting a little.

What are the best games to play without an internet connection on Android?

Monument Valley

If you want to get involved in an adventure of great graphic beauty, then Monument Valley is one of the most recommended video games. It is a puzzle video game in which you will have to send a princess through architectural structures of all kinds.

It is an exquisitely designed and developed video game for mobile devices, such as Android, iOS or Windows Phone. You can buy this video game for Android at a price of $ 3,70

Pokémon Quest

Nintendo is opening its doors to the world of mobile telephony, video games have shown it like Pokemon Go. Now we have the popular Pokémon Quest, a fun role-playing game in which the main protagonists are the Pokemon.

The game is characterized by its aesthetics that closely resembles Minecraft, on top of that it's a lot of fun. Without a doubt one of the best tips for playing on your mobile device without internet. In addition, it is a video game suitable for all ages, so you can use it to entertain children.

If you are interested in Pokemón Quest, surely RPGs are your passion, that's why we present you some of the best offline RPGs, to play both on your Android device and on iPhone.

Lara Croft GO

tomb raider is one of the most important video game sagas in history, has had titles on virtually all consoles since the 90s. Lara Croft GO is just one more point in this popular franchise, it is also available for mobile devices as if Android or Windows Phone.

It is a logic and puzzle video game, in which the protagonist Lara Croft will be controlled by the player. A very fun turn-based video game to pass the time.

LIMBO (one of the best games without internet connection)

For today LIMBO is a classic in the world of indie video games. Thanks to this, new versions of this fantastic have been made video game. It is a platform that was released in 2010 and subsequently came out for mobile devices as well.

It's a great video game, primarily meant for adults, as it handles content that is not suitable for children. Without a doubt, it is one of the best video games to play without internet connection on Android.

Limbo is a slow game, away from the hustle and bustle, but if you are looking for something more action, you may want to consider some of the best war games to play without the internet, some are strategy, others more action, but all are so funny.

What are the best games to play without an internet connection on Android?

More games to play without internet connection on Android

As you will see, there are many great video games from play offline, in any case we cannot cover them all in one article. Even so, other highly recommended options are worth highlighting if you want to enjoy yourself without having to connect to the internet.

Firstly, there are speed or racing video games, before which we recommend the best racing car games for Android that don't even require an internet connection. On the other hand, there is a very interesting option that you can play with many video games from different consoles.

We refer to emulators, Fortunately, Android devices have improved a lot over time, allowing the use of tools such as emulators, which will allow us to play video games from other consoles on our device.

We encourage you to use this type of program, find your favorite video game from your personal library and play it right away on your Android device.

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